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Thread: 20 years!

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    20 years!

    For each year you get to choose whether to conceive or have a life event!
    Start off by telling me where you were married and to whom! Also the ages!


    Roll to see how many kids:

    1) Single
    2) Single
    3) Single
    4) Twins
    5) Twins
    6) Triplets

    Then roll to see the gender(s). Girls =odds Boys =Evens

    Life Event: Roll the dice twice to see what happens!

    1 then 1 - You buy a new house! Tell me where it is, what it looks like, and how big it is!

    1 then 2 - You buy a dog! Tell me the name and what breed it is!

    1 then 3 - Get a tattoo! Tell me what it is, where it is, and what it means.

    1 then 4 - You are unexpectantly pregnant with twin girls! Tell us their names!

    1 then 5 - Your family goes on vacation to pick up your new adopted 2 month old boy! Tell me where you went, and the boys name.

    1 then 6 - You and your husband open a store! Tell us what kind it is!

    2 then 1 - (Reroll if you don't have kids yet). One of your kids starts a sport! Tell is which kid it is, what sport or is, and when the practices and games are!

    2 then 2 - You go back to college! Tell us which college and what you're studying!

    2 then 3 - A relative does and leaves you their house. Tell us about it!

    2 then 4 - Family Vacation! Tell us where you went and what you saw.

    2 then 5 - You are un expectantly pregnant with quints!! Roll to see the genders (see above) and tell is their names!

    2 then 6 - Win the lottery! Tell us what you will do with the money.

    3 then 1 - You buy a kitten! Tell us their name and what they look like.

    3 then 2 - Your family takes a trip to China to pick up your new little girl! Tell us her name and what she looks like!

    3 then 3 - You buy a boat! Tell us how big it is and where you plan to use it!

    3 then 4 - there was a hurricane in your town. You are forced to move to a new town. Tell us where you moved and about your house!

    3 then 5 - One of your children breaks their arm! Tell us who is was and how it happened!

    3 then 6 - You are un expectantly pregnant with a baby boy! Tell us his name!

    4 then 1 - Take a trip to Disneyworld! Tell us how the kids enjoyed it and how long you stayed for!

    4 then 2 - Conceive! See above for directions.

    4 then 3 - Redo all of the kids rooms! Tell is how each of them look!

    4 then 4 - Take a family trip to Australia! Tell us how it was!

    4 then 5 - Join a church! Tell us what denomination it is!

    4 then 6 - You're un expectantly pregnant with quadruplets!! Two boys and two girls! Tell us their names.

    5 then 1 - A old family member is getting old and moves in with you! Tell us who they are and how the kids are liking it!

    5 then 2 - Your sister gets married! All of your kids are a part of the ceremony! Tell us each child's part!

    5 then 3 - Your kids decide to start a band! Tell is the bands name and who plays which instrument!

    5 then 4 - Get a pet! Tell is what kind of pet it is and it's name!

    5 then 5 - You get a divorce with your husband . Tell us how the kids are taking it and who has the kids on each day.

    5 then 6 - Foster twin 15 year olds (boy and girl). Tell us how they are adjusting in your family.

    6 then 1 - Move houses! Tell is where you move and about your new house.

    6 then 2 - A close 16 year old family friend is having a baby girl and doesn't feel ready to raise it. You adopt it and name it something honoring the mother, Madeline Elizabeth Parker. Tell us her name!

    6 then 3 - Your kids join a musical production! Tell is the musical and each child's part.

    6 then 4 - Un expectantly pregnant with a boy! Tell us his name!

    6 then 5 - Have a family photo shoot! Tell us what scenery you use in the background.

    6 then 6 - Pick anything that you'd like to happen to your family!!!

    When you're done don't forget to give me your family's 20 year story!

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    The Brook Family

    DW: Juno Louisa
    DH: Rowan Dominic

    Married March 31, 2014 both 22 years old

    Year 1: The Brooks decide to wait a year after their marriage before starting a family. Still, they are pleasantly surprised when Juno becomes unexpectedly pregnant. They have a baby boy and name him Everett Hiram.
    Year 2: The Brooks take a vacation with the extended family to their beach property in North Carolina. They spend the month with aunts, uncles, and cousins, and many get to meet Everett for the first time. Everett enjoys his first beach trip, though he never quite got used to the sand.
    Year 3: Juno and Rowan do not actively try to get pregnant this year, but they still welcome twin daughters: Matilda Zoe & Beatrice Maisie.
    Year 4: The Brooks family adopts a stray calico kitten. They name her Zelda.
    Year 5: Everett takes to Zelda so well that the family decides to adopt a dog. They get a retired sled dog named Odin.
    Year 6: Juno and Rowan decide to try for another baby. They have a little boy named Tobias Liam.
    Year 7: A close friend of the family has a baby and doesn’t feel ready to raise it. Juno and Rowan decide to adopt the baby girl. They name her Eliza Hazel in honor of the mother.
    Year 8: Once again Juno and Rowan become unexpectedly pregnant. They have another boy and name him Sebastian Milo.
    Year 9: The Brooks family moves to a bigger house. They move to some farmland in Wyoming where they operate a ranch. They buy three new horses, one for each of the children old enough to ride: A male Appaloosa named Cosmo for Beatrice and two female American Quarter Horses, a chestnut horse named Honey for Matilda and a black horse named Sadie for Everett.
    Year 10: Juno remodels the kids’ rooms. Everett has his own room designed in a safari theme. Rowan painted animals on all of the walls and the bed is designed to look like a safari Jeep. Beatrice and Matilda share a room. One wall is painted spring green (for Beatrice), one wall is painted lilac (for Matilda), one wall is antique white, and the last wall is completely covered by a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf. Tobias and Sebastian share a room decorated in a sailing theme. The walls are painted with the ocean and horizon, it has blue carpet, and the beds are designed to be ships. Eliza’s room is decorated in a 100 Acre Wood theme, complete with stuffed animals and a tree house bed.
    Year 11: Juno sends Tobias and Everett to water the horses while she unloads hay from the tractor. Everett convinces Tobias to get on Cosmo, but Tobias is too small. He falls trying to mount the horse and he breaks his arm. Everett feels guilty and becomes Tobias’ special helper while he has a cast.
    Year 12: Juno becomes pregnant with a little girl. They name her Tabitha Gwyneth.
    Year 13: The Brooks family welcomes twin boys: Frederick Oskar & Oliver Ezra.
    Year 14: The six oldest Brooks children join a local production of The Lion King. Everett earns the role of young Simba. Matilda plays a young lion in Simba’s pride, Beatrice is a hyena, Tobias and Eliza are both zebras, and Sebastian is a gazelle.
    Year 15: The children start a band they call “The Farm Hands.” Everett plays keyboard, Beatrice plays bass, Tobias plays lead guitar, Matilda plays flute, Sebastian plays trumpet, Eliza plays fiddle, and little Tabitha plays tambourine.
    Year 16: Juno and Rowan decide it’s time to adopt again. They send the children on a vacation with Juno’s parents and sister to Disney World while they go to China to pick up their new baby daughter. They name her Eloise Li Na.
    Year 17: Juno and Rowan want to try for one last planned pregnancy. Juno has a baby boy who they name Zachary Aldous.
    Year 18: The Brooks family adopts another dog: a female Pembroke Welsh Corgi they name Fia.
    Year 19: Time to redo the kids’ rooms. Everett moves to the basement where there’s a small apartment, complete with kitchen. Matilda takes Everett’s old room and redecorates it with floral wallpaper and white linens and furniture. Beatrice keeps her room mostly the same, she just updates the furniture and adds some of her photos she’s taken. Tobias and Sebastian still share their room, only now it’s mostly sports oriented. The carpet has been replaced with hardwood floors, and the walls have been painted steely gray. Eliza and Tabitha share a bedroom, and it’s decorated with a horse theme. Frederick and Oliver share a room decorated in a railroad theme, Eloise takes over Eliza’s old room, and Zachary stays with Juno and Rowan most nights and Frederick and Oliver other nights.
    Year 20: The Brooks family gets another kitten, a gray cat they name Diego.

    Juno Louisa (42)
    Rowan Dominic (42)

    Everett Hiram (19)
    Matilda Zoe "Millie" & Beatrice Maisie "Bea"(17)
    Tobias Liam "Toby"(14)
    Eliza Hazel [adopted] (13)
    Sebastian Milo "Seb"(12)
    Tabitha Gwyneth (8)
    Frederick Oskar "Fred" & Oliver Ezra "Ollie" (7)
    Eloise Li Na [adopted] "Elsie" (4)
    Zachary Aldous "Zach" (3)

    Zelda and Diego the cats
    Odin and Fia the dogs
    Cosmo, Sadie, and Honey the horses

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    DH (45): Benjamin Marcus Thompson "Ben"
    DW (43): Kate Minerva Thompson
    Ben and Kate were married in 2015 when Ben was 25 and Kate was 23.
    DS (17): Jack William Thompson
    DD (14): Matilda Frances Thompson "Tilly"
    DS (10): Lewis Albert Thompson
    DS (4): Milo George Thompson

    2015: Ben and Kate go on vacation to Italy!
    2016: There is a hurricane that sweeps through Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, so Ben and Kate move to the nearby Sydney.
    2017: Ben and Kate go to see a musical put on by local kids.
    2018: Kate gives birth to a son, Jack.
    2019: Ben, Kate, and Jack take a trip to visit Ben's parents in London, England.
    2020: Kate's mom is getting old so she moves in with the family. This gives Ben and Kate a break and a chance to spend more time focused on each other, not just young Jack.
    2021: Kate gives birth to a daughter, Tilly.
    2022: Kate gets a tattoo on her wrist that says "Take Heart", reminding her to be strong through struggles.
    2023: Ben and Kate buy a new house, so Jack and Tilly have their own rooms and Kate's mother has a guest suite.
    2024: The family gets a Shih Tzu dog, named Daisy.
    2025: Kate gives birth to a son, Lewis.
    2026: With the death of Kate's mother, Ben and Kate move their family into another, smaller house where each child has their own room and there is a yard for them to play in.
    2027: Ben and Kate redo all of the kids' rooms. Jack's is football-themed, Tilly's is book-themed, and Lewis' is train-themed.
    2028: Kate goes back to university to study English literature.
    2029: Ben's parents move from England to live with the family in their old age. Since Ben and Kate's house isn't big enough, they buy the small house next door.
    2030: Ben gets a tattoo on his ribs. It's three set of dates and times- each corresponds to his child's birth date and time.
    2031: Kate is unexpectedly pregnant with a baby boy! His name is Milo.
    2032: The family gets another Shih Tzu, named Arrow.
    2033: The kids decide to start a band. Milo plays pots and pans, Lewis sings and plays banjo, Tilly sings and plays piano, and Jack plays acoustic guitar. They call their band "The Thompson Four".
    2034: Ben and Kate buy a new house, similar to the house they owned when Kate's mom lived with them. There is a basement guest suite for Ben's parents, and separate rooms for each of the kids.
    2035: The family takes a trip to Australia!
    Names I love right now:
    Thomas - Wesley - Desmond - Jack - Albert - Spencer - Harry
    Annabel - Vivienne - Matilda - Sophie - Sybil - Maria - Jane

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    Far North Queensland
    DW: Phoebe Simone
    DH: Alexander Nathaniel

    Year 1) Twins; Edmund Louis and Rory Arthur;

    Year 2) Girl; Genevieve Amelia;

    Year 3) We buy a female Dalmatain; Pippa;

    Year 4) We go to China to adopt a baby girl; Victoria Xiu

    Year 5) We join the Anglican Church

    Year 6) We have a family photo taken; outside, near a forest in Autumn. Pippa is included

    Year 7) Unexpected baby boy; George Ezekiel;

    Year 8) We redo the kids' rooms; Edmund and Rory's: Genevieve's: Victoria's: George's:

    Year 9) Twins; Oliver Rowan and James Henry;

    Year 10) My sister Anthea gets married. Edmund hands tends the guest book, Rory hands out programs, Genevieve hands out flowers, Victoria carries the prayer book in the procession, George is ring bearer and Oliver and James are still to young to be involved.

    Year 11) Genevieve takes up Gymnastics. She train on Wednesday and Fridays from 4 to 5.30.

    Year 12) We foster 15 year old twins; Xavier Felix and Alyssa Rose. They both settle in quite well and enjoy being part of a family.

    Year 13) Alexander's mother moves in with us. All the children were unsure at first but now enjoy having her around.

    Year 14) Triplets; Clara Elise, Emmeline Daisy and Annabel Pearl;

    Year 15) We have a family photoshoot, at the local park in summer.

    Year 16) We go on holiday to Romania to adopt a baby boy; Eric Valeriu;

    Year 17) All the kids join a musical production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

    Year 18) Baby girl; Adelisa Willow;

    Year 19) Baby boy; Winston Michael;

    Year 20) Quadruplets; Fabian Jonas, Paloma Delphine, Matteo August and Viggo Dorian; &
    22. One Direction. Doctor Who. Sherlock. Supernatural. Name lover.

    Young Ladies (Not all): Adelisa, Oriana, Clover, Victoria, Georgina, Amelia, Genevieve, Jemima, Edith, Adelaide, Eleanor, Ottilie, Henrietta, River, Clara, Francesca

    Young Sirs (Not all): Edmund, Rory, Louis, Niall, Frederick, Osmond, Henry, Desmond, William, James, Oliver, Rowan, Wesley, Liam, Zayn, Sherlock, Castiel, George

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    DW: Emily May
    DW: Sage Annabelle
    DD/DD: Caroline Sage and Penelope May (18)
    DD: Vivienne June (15)
    DAD: Juliette Bae (13)
    DS: Porter Jude (10)
    DS/DS/DD/DD: Atticus Jonah, Quinten Rhys, Beatrice Anne, and Felicity Alice (7)
    DAS: Bennett Omari (4)
    DD/DS/DS: Adelaide Cora, Holden Reed, and Dashiell Luke (nb)

    Year 1: We take a couples vacation to Greece! We loved getting to know the culture and see the temples!

    Year 2: Twin girls! Caroline Sage and Penelope May!

    Year 3: I go back to college! I decide to get my masters in Psychology!

    Year 4: Sage's father is getting old, and after her mother dies, he can no longer take care of himself, so he moves in with us.

    Year 5: Baby girl! Vivienne June!

    Year 6: We wanted the kids to be able to travel the world, so we go to Australia! The twins loved going to the beach and on a tour of the outback seeing the "Roo's" as they called them. Vivienne is still a little to young to enjoy it, but she did very well being taken all over the place!

    Year 7: We take another world trip, to china! We visit an orphanage while there, and find a perfect little girl, and decide to adopt her! She is 2 months old and is named Bae, so we change her first name to Juliette!

    Year 8: Our small 2 bedroom house was getting too small, so we bought a huge house in a neighborhood right off of the down town area of our city. It has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

    Year 9: Caroline starts soccer. She LOVES it and has so much passion for the sport, not to mention that she is pretty good at it!

    Year 10: Baby boy! Porter Jude!

    Year 11: Woah! Sage won the lottery! We give 65% to charity and split the other 35% into college funds for the 5 kids!

    Year 12: Sage and I open a small corner store in our town. It soon becomes known as a cute little mom and pop store and we get a lot of business!

    Year 13: We tried IVF, and were not expecting to become pregnant, but I am unexpectedly pregnant with quads! Two of each gender. Atticus Jonah, Quinton Rhys, Beatrice Anne, and Felicity Alice!

    Year 14: I get a tattoo! It is a snoopy holding a heart, on my heart. It is in honor of my grandfather who also had a snoopy tattoo.

    Year 15: we re-do all of the kids rooms! This is what they look like:
    Caroline and Penelope's Room(13 at the time):
    Vivienne and Juliette's Room (10 and 8 at the time):
    Porter, Atticus, and Quin's Room (5 and 2 and the time):
    Beatrice and Felicity's Room (2 at the time):

    Year 16: We wanted to adopt again, and after we are matched with a 2 month old boy in Africa, we make it into a family vacation! We come home with our little boy, Bennett Omari!

    Year 17: We decied to adopt a puppy! It is a Husky that we name Clementine!

    Year 18: We have a family photo shoot. We took individual pictures outside of our home. Here are the kids shots:
    Caroline and Penelope:
    Juliette and Clementine:
    Atticus and Quin:
    Bea and Felicity:

    Year 19: My Uncle Maurice dies, and leaves our family his HUGE mansion with 9 rooms and 7 bathrooms!

    Year 20: Sage has triplets, a girl and two boys! Adelaide Cora, Holden Reed, and Dashiell Luke!

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