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Thread: 20 years!

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    Dec 2013
    New Zealand
    Cora Maeve (21) & Augustus "Gus" Edmond Hayes (22)
    Married 31st December, 2014

    2015: Cora and Gus buy a a German Shepard puppy and they name her Flora.
    2016: Cora gives birth to a daughter, Eloise Naomi.
    2017: Cora and Gus open a candy store called Pop Candy.
    2018: The Hayes family take a trip to Australia! The family head to Sydney and enjoy the restaurants and shopping - Eloise especially loves the trip to Taronga Zoo.
    2019: Cora gives birth to triplet daughters! Zoe Arabella, Celia Meredith and Audrey Elizabeth.
    2020: Gus gets a tattoo on the left side of his chest of a lock, to match Cora's tattoo of a key on her wrist.
    2021: Cora's widowed mother is getting old, so she's invited to live with the family. The kids love having their grandma around.
    2022: Cora gives birth to twin sons, Theodore 'Theo' Zachary and Oscar Henry.
    2023: Things aren't working out and Cora and Gus get a divorce. Theo and Oscar are too young to understand, but the girls are upset. the kids stay with their mum during the week and send the weekends with their dad.
    2024: Cora and the kids buy a kitten! He's a long haired silver tabby and they name him Felix.
    2025: Much to the kid's dismay, Cora decided to get a family portrait done - a simple black backdrop is used.
    2026: Now the family has grown up a bit, Cora decides to redecorate the kid's bedrooms.
    2027: A close 16 year old family friend is having a baby girl and doesn't feel ready to raise her. Cora adopts the baby and names her Madeleine Hope, in honor of her mother.
    2028: Cora decides to get a tattoo of a tree on the side of her thigh to represent her ever growing family.
    2029: The kids all decide to join a community production of Grease. Eloise lands the roll of Sandy and Zoe nabs the roll of Rizzo. Celia and Audrey get jobs behind the scenes helping with makeup and costumes and the twins Theo and Oscar to a wonderful job painting the set. Madeleine is too young to join in yet.
    2030: The family take a trip to Disneyland! Everyone has a blast.
    2031: The family was getting a little cramped to Cora deiced to buy a new house. It's a huge 8 bedroom house with a lovely big yard, perfect for the kids and the pets.
    2032: Cora's mum gifts her a lottery ticket and she wins! She uses the money to put towards the kids collage fund and invests the rest and lives off the interest.
    2033: Oscar starts playing soccer, with practice starts on Monday and their first game is in a month.
    2034: Now the kids are a little older, Cora decides to head to college to work on her English Literature degree.
    2035: Cora's youngest sister is getting married and all the kids are involved! Eloise, Zoe, Celia and Audrey are bride's maids, Theo and Oscar are joint a ring bearers and Madeleine is a flower girl

    DW: Cora Maeve (41)
    DH (ex): Augustus 'Gus' Edmond (42)
    DD: Eloise Naomi (19)
    DD: Zoe Arabella (16)
    DD: Celia Meredith (16)
    DD: Audrey Elizabeth (16)
    DS: Theodore Zachary (13)
    DS: Oscar Henry (13)
    DD: Madeleine Hope (8)
    TTC #1

    Elodie • Xanthe • Mira • Aurora • Stella • Genevieve

    Stellan • Rory • Tristan • Sascha • Ciaran • Adrian

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    Jan 2013
    DD1/DD2: Ella Lacey & Eden Erika
    DS1/DS2: Oscar Zane & Oliver Lucas
    DD3: Eleanor Molly
    DD4/DD5: Imogen Norah & Isabella Lauren
    DD6/DS3: Zara Maisie & Zachary Benjamin
    DD7: Freya Matilda
    DS4/DS5/DS6: Mason Adam, Milo Reuben & Maddox Archie
    DD8/DD9: Amelia & Abigail
    DD10/DS7: Jessica Milena & Jacob Jensen
    DS8: Isaac Micah
    DS9: Theodore Joshua
    DD11/DD12/DS10: Chloe Tilly, Charlotte Savannah & Callum Riley
    DD13: Sophia
    DS11: Daniel
    DD14: Madeline
    DD15/DS12/DD16: Hannah, Harry & Hallie
    DD16/DD17: Ava Jasmine & Amber Eliza
    DD18: Beth Noelle
    DS13/DS14: Noah Samuel & Nathaniel Madden
    DS15/DS16: Edward Jack & Ezra Alfie
    Girls: Ella, Amelia, Freya, Charlotte, Sophia, Chloe, Isabella, Madeline, Hannah, Eleanor.

    Boys: Isaac, Oscar, Theodore, Jacob, Noah, Zachary, Nathaniel, Lucas, Edward, Zane.

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    Jul 2012
    Valeria Alice Rochester (25) & Bertram Zachary James (30) were married in Venice, Italy in 2014.

    2015: Cato Octavius
    2016: Cato starts swimming for toddlers
    2017: Trip to Australia. Cato wanted to befriend a koala.
    2018: Family vacation to Italy, revisited locations of our honeymoon.
    2019: Lucian Cicero & Arria Cressida
    2020: Grandma Marguerite James moves in with the family. Lucian and Arria are too young to notice any difference but Cato warms up to her soon enough
    2021: I go back to college to do a masters in International Law in Harvard
    2022: Marcus Peregrine, Alban Isidore, Renata Antonia & Helena Lydia
    2023: With the new additions in the family we decide to move to a larger house. We buy a six bedroom penthouse in Manhattan.
    2024: Delphina Aelia, Cornelia Livia, Sebastian Amadeus, Hadrian Constantine & Victor Maximilian
    2025: Cassian Boniface
    2026: My older half sister, Hermione Rochester is moving in. The younger kids are just fine with the idea of an extra person to play with but Cato, Lucian and Arria dislike the fact that Aunt Hermione insists they keep quiet
    2027: Revisit Australia. Cato smugly acts like a tour guide
    2028: Kitten - it is a girl, all grey apart from a white spot on her forehead. We call her Peridot
    2029: Sabina Laetitia
    2030: Kitten - it is another girl, this time all white with one blue and one green eye. We call her Oryx
    2031: I get a tattoo of a small white swan behind my ear in memory of a song I used to listen to with my mother when I was young
    2032: Dominic Severus
    2033: I get a tattoo of a small crown and a sword on the inside of my wrist for my knights and my princesses
    2034: My kids start a band called "Charing T" - Cato (singing), Arria (base), Lucian (keyboard) and some of their friends play the drums and guitar
    2035: Tatiana Cassia, Valentina Cloelia, Quentin Marcellus, Titus Salvator & Urban Aurelius

    Valeria Alice (45) & Bertram Zachary (50)

    Cato Octavius (20)
    Lucian Cicero & Arria Cressida (16)
    Marcus Peregrine, Alban Isidore, Renata Antonia & Helena Lydia (13)
    Delphina Aelia, Cornelia Livia, Sebastian Amadeus, Hadrian Constantine & Victor Maximilian (11)
    Cassian Boniface (10)
    Sabina Laetitia (6)
    Dominic Severus (3)
    Tatiana Cassia, Valentina Cloelia, Quentin Marcellus, Titus Salvator & Urban Aurelius (NB)

    Peridot & Oryx

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    Jan 2013
    George and Lauren Gustafson
    Married January 5th 2014, both 22
    1. They decided before having any kids that they should get a dog first! They got a golden retriever and named her Sunny
    2. This year they tried for a baby and were pleased to welcome Sean Mason to their family.
    3. Your sister gets married and Sean had fun being the ring bearer at 18 months old!
    4. They had a baby girl! They named her Danielle Bridget (Dani)
    5. They won the lottery! With this money The Gustafson's decided to put some of it towards college for the young kids and they also bought a new car! They though that maybe 2 kids was enough but they can now afford to have way more.
    6. Sean is four years old and the family went to his Preschool Christmas Musical. Sean was not in his element.
    7. At 28 they tried to have their last child and had a baby boy! Drew Ethan!
    8. George's widowed mother Clarice is getting old and moved in with them. The kids love it! Although Sean wasn't very happy sharing a room with his baby brother. A move would be great!
    9. The family moves to a house with many more bedrooms and a pool. Each kid and grandma have their own room.
    10. One last child! Brooke Sydney is born. Sadly, Grandma Clarice dies.
    11. Sean broke his arm tackling someone while playing little league football. He is turning into quite the tough athlete.
    12. The family takes a trip to Australia! It was amazing except for the part where Dani freaked out at the sight of every spider.
    13. The family had the vacation fever and took another vacation to Disneyworld!
    14. Sunny passed away last year and so the family got a new Cavalier Spaniel puppy. His name is Rasco
    15. They got a boat to use at their cabin.
    16. Sean has turned into a handsome young man and got himself a girlfriend, Emily
    17. You and George open a kids clothing company.
    18. Another family vacation to Hawaii!
    19. Sadly George and you call it quits after 19 years. Sean is 18 and doesn't mind much as he left for college on football scholarship. Dani is 15 and has a bunch of friends to keep her mind off of it, but she is a little sad. 12 year old Drew has hockey to keep him sustained but he is struggling with the new arrangements. 9 year old Brooke notices the changes and is deeply upset because she loves both parents and doesn't want them apart. George gets the kids on weekends.
    20. You take the kids to Palm Springs for some rest and relaxation
    Boy combos: Spencer James, Levi Alexander, Zane Parker, Ace Sterling
    Boy randoms: Jonah, Ryder, William, Finn, Jude

    Girl combo: Audrey Vivienne
    Girl randoms: Noelle, Zara, Reagan, Mackenna, Ava, Darah, Adrianna, Lucienne

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    West Midlands, UK
    Yr0: Rita Rebekah Reynolds married Nicholas George Hamilton when they were 23 and 22 respectively.
    Yr1: Rita's first pregnancy leads to S/D twins; they're named Tobias Henry and Rose Eleanor.
    Yr2: Nick's great granddad who is 95 moves in with the family, it's tricky juggling young twins and poorly William.
    Yr3: Rita's sister Olivia gets married! She walks down the isle with a twin in each hand and Rita holding her train.
    Yr4: The family take a trip to Brighton where they spend the majority of the time on the beach!
    Yr5: Triplets are on the cards! A boy and two girls are born small but healthy; they're named Sebastian Mack, Alexandra Nicki and Arianna Mary.
    Yr6: Tobias breaks his arm! He fell off a climbing frame at the park, he has to have a cast on his left arm for 6 weeks.
    Yr7: The family go to Ireland where Rita and Nick have made plans to adopt a 2month old baby boy, the child's name is Finn Tennyson.
    Yr8: All of the children's rooms have a make over! Tobias's = // Rose's = // Seb and Finn's = // Allie & Annie's =
    Yr9: The family buy a narrow boat to use on the local canals.
    Yr10: Rita goes back to college to study child psychology because she fancies it.
    Yr11: Nick's young cousin Madeline Elizabeth is 16 and pregnant, she feels unable to bring up the baby and asks Rita and Nick to adopt the baby. You name your new daughter Addison Elizabeth.
    Yr12: Rita's surprised to discover she's pregnant! A boy is born and named Atticus James.
    Yr13: Rita and Nick take the kids on holiday to Athens, they visit the coliseum ruins and glorious beaches.
    Yr14: Tobias breaks his left arm (again!) playing rugby, doctors say it is along the old fracture he had when he was five which has now made his arm weak - no more rugby for him!
    Yr15: Rita's great Auntie moves in with the family when her health takes a turn for the worst, she's still fun though and the kids love to have her around.
    Yr16: The family take a trip to China where Rita and Nick have organised to pick up a three year old girl they're adopting, their new daughter's name is Mei Star.
    Yr17: The whole family is in for a shock when Rita finds out she's pregnant with quadruplets!!! Four healthy babies are born; Jeremy Andrew, Arthur Theodore, Margot Henrietta, and Luna Kimberly.
    Yr18: Rita's youngest half-sister Megan gets married and involves the whole family in her plans! The older girls are bridesmaids, the older boys do music and lighting, the younger girls throw petals and the younger boys hand out single roses.
    Yr19: Rita gets a tattoo! It's of a phoenix and is on her back.
    Yr20: You buy a kitten. It's a grey and white moggy that the family call Callie.


    H: Nick (42)
    W: Rita (43)

    S/D: Tobias & Rose (19)
    S/D/D: Seb & Allie & Annie (15)
    AS: Finn (13)
    AD: Addie (9)
    S: Atti (8)
    AD: Mei Star (7)
    S/S/D/D: Jem & Arthur & Margot & Lu (3)
    Cat: Callie (6mo)
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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