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    Haha! Your brave planning tcc already!
    For me Atlas Micah is perfect with Azula Rosemary and Indira Coral.
    Atlas Hawthorne is also pretty darn cool.

    I also like Heathcliff Fox, Orson Zephyr, and Stirling James

    I think Zaphira Hazel works beautifully with Azula and Indira.
    Juniper Ruby is sweet but maybe too wordy?
    Perlita Willow, Junia Rue and Zaphira Pomeline also make me happy!

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by katieydenberg View Post
    Thanks to everyone who has given suggestions so far, it is so hard finding names/combos that meet our criteria.
    1) Avoid 3 syllable first names
    2) Nothing rhyming with our daughters' names
    3) Must contain Nature related middle name
    4) Prefer if it also contains a family name (for boys especially)
    Wow, you really aren’t making it easy on yourselves. Though I guess that’s what makes the name extra special when they fit.

    Have you considered changing up the order of where the nature name goes? It could work well for a boy theme or even for a girl. I have friends with two daughters one has a flower fn the other as mn it’s rather sweet, and subtle to most as they don’t really know everyone’s mn.

    * boy/girl twins:
    ** boy/boy twins
    *** girl/girl twins

    Boys combos I like:
    Thornton James*/**
    Hawthorn Erickson
    Heathcliff Iason**

    Elowen Rudy***(though 3 syllables fn with similar cadence to your girls names)
    Lorelei Gwyneria*/***
    Valencia Shelly (Michael/Michelle derived? Maybe a stretch)
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    kala_way - Most of my faves all start with vowels . Not sure what I'd do for "sometimes Y"

    jem - I do know someone named Eleni and I always liked her name. I haven't see her in nearly 10 years so that's probably why I forgot about that one.

    tuitree - We always knew we wanted more than 2 plus my pregnancies & births (and babies) have been pretty easy. What can I say, I'm a breeder. My husband was super set on Ender for both our pregnancies had they been boys... finally convinced him to get on board with Atlas (which I love!) so that will most likely be the first name we go with for a little manchild. Its so hard to change his mind when he's decided something. I love Heathcliff Fox though! I love all the girl combos you thought of

    lexiem - No kidding. I might drop my "no 3 syllable" rule & change it to "if 3 syllables then can't end in a" to make things easier. I do like the nature names in the middle but perhaps you are right & I should look at changing the order.
    Loving Elowen Rudy & Lorelei Gwyneria (but I know DH won't go for that one).
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    I think my new favorite, if you have a 3rd girl, is Eleni. Pretty.

    Also, sorry about the Blue Ivy thing! I'd be annoyed if somebody mentioned that, too! It totally bugged me when she named her child that.
    But I still think Azula is very pretty!
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    Yeah I'm leaning toward the E names - Elowen, Esperanza or Eleni for a girl.

    What middles do you like best for these (particularly beside my daughters' names)?
    Elowen - Juniper, Perlita, Pomeline, Rue*, Jade, Silvia
    Esparanza (nn Anza) - Hazel, Juniper, Rue*, Jade
    Eleni - Hazel, Juniper, Nova, Perlita, Pomeline, Jade, Jasmine, Silvia

    For a boy, I'm thinking something along the lines of Atlas Erickson* Fox (love!), or maybe Ender Heathcliff James*.

    (Asterixes to represent Honour Names)

    mill1020- I don't like Blue Ivy at all! I totally get why you would say that though, I do think Azula has potential to gain some (any) popularity. No worries.
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