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    Apartment Building G1 Results

    1. Richard and Bella have five children. Their eldest are twins, James and Henry, who are eight. Next came two daughters, Maeve, who's five and Margot, who's four. Their last is a boy, Flynn, who's two. The next generation will be about Henry and Margot.

    DH: Richard Porter Epstein - 36
    DW: Bella Rachel Cagiano - 36
    DS/DS: James Tucker and Henry Mason [bowtiful] - 11
    DD: Maeve Carden [jinglebelldaisy] - 8
    DD: Margot Florist [amburli] - 7
    DS: Flynn Shepherd [jem] - 5

    2. Jordan and Anna met in high school and are now both teachers at the elementary school. They have six children. The eldest son, Elliot, is thirteen. The eldest daughter, Aubrey, is ten. Next came another son, Noah, who's nine. And lastly they had triplets, Harper, London and Avery, who are five. The next generation will be about Elliot and Harper.

    DH: Jordan Emmett Auld - 39
    DW: Anna Kiera Kinch - 39
    DS: Elliot Neil [loverofnamesx] - 11
    DD: Aubrey Rosa [amburli] - 8
    DS: Noah Carver [emitheduckling] - 7
    DD/DD/DD: Harper Lily, London Violet and Avery Poppy [jem] - 5

    3. Kylie and Owen met as toddlers and now have six children of their own. Their eldest are triplets, Cora, Posy and Jude, who are eleven. Next came Sage and Evie, aged eight and seven. Their last is little Owen, who's five. The next generation will be about Posy and Jude.

    DH: Owen Hugh Sherry - 37
    DW: Kylie Alyssa Colonna - 37
    DD/DD/DS: Cora Simone/Posy Ella/Jude Miles [oboeplayer1] - 11
    DD: Sage Andrea [jinglebelldaisy] - 8
    DD: Evie Adele [brontesbabynames] - 7
    DS: Owen Michael [oboeplayer1] - 5

    4. Tess and Damon married in their twenties and have three sons and one daughter together. Their sons, age eleven, eight and five are called Harris, Bennett and Wyatt. Their one daughter, age seven is called Stella. The next round will feature Harris and Stella.

    DH: Damon Jude Maloney - 37
    DW: Tess Meredith Startzman - 34
    DS: Harris River [bb] - 11
    DS: Bennett Sky [peacheysmiles] - 8
    DD: Stella Wren [shanade213] - 7
    DS: Wyatt Lark [amburli] - 5

    5. Will and Genevieve met nine years ago. They have two daughters and two sons. Their eldest, a daughter, is eleven and called Charlotte. Next came eight year old Benedict and seven year old Sebastian. Their last daughter is five and called Felicity. The next generation will feature Charlotte and Benedict.

    DH: William Garrison Templeton - 40
    DW: Genevieve Brook Montes - 40
    DD: Charlotte Georgina [bowtiful] - 11
    DS: Benedict Willougby [amburli] - 8
    DS: Sebastian Gabriel [shanade213] - 7
    DD: Felicity Bridget [shanade213] - 5

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