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    Here's another question, then. Does it work with Jerome as the middle name? River Jerome? Jerome would be honoring great-grandpa so we would really like it as the middle if it sounds ok.

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    I think that River Jerome is very handsome and I love that it honors someone for you. ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I think River, while still unusual and naturey, has become established enough to lose the hippy vibe.

    River Jerome is very handsome. I used to love River for both genders but I recently ran into a little girl River and it just didn't feel right. It seemed so rough and manly; almost cowboy-like. Now it's only on my boy list.

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    Thanks all. I do believe River may have just moved into our number 1 spot! And if we have a boy and a girl down the road, I think Ruby and River make a pretty cute sib set!

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