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    Hello, fellow berries. We are expecting a baby girl in June and are still really struggling with the name decision. We've decided not to tell our friend/families any high contender names because every time we have even vaguely mentioned a name we get tons of unsolicited advice/judgmental comments/guilt trips for not going with something else. Amelia (DH's early favorite) and Elodie (one of my early favs) were both already ruined this way. Essentially they are just a super opinionated bunch and I really let their negativity get to me. So I'm turning to this group with our most recent thought: Savannah. We've been through hundreds of options and this is the last one standing that we both like - I actually had a dream we named her Savannah early in my pregnancy but was too embarrassed to tell my husband because it felt completely out of the blue and not what he would expect.

    So here's my question to you - the comments I see on these boards about Savannah are super mixed/trending negative (everything from "dated" to "too trendy" - tho aren't though mutually exclusive? - to "stripper name.") Ouch. I want to get excited about Savannah but I guess I'm looking for positive reinforcement - as a name can it come across as classic and beautiful, or does it feel too 90s? For reference we don't live in the south (she won't be Savannah from Savannah) and our last name starts with an S - so there is alliteration.

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    If you love the name then you should go for it. I personally wouldn't use it, but I do think it's a nice name. It's just not my style.
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    I think it is a pretty, feminine name. It is not as classic as Amelie and Elodie and I am sorry those got ruined for you. However the sounds in Savannah are lovely. Ihave always like the name Susannah and Savannah sounds similar without the dated nickname Susie.
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    It does feel a little dated, but not to the extent of Ashley or Brittany. There's nothing wrong with Savannah, though Elodie is fresh and stylish in comparison. I can't see what your family could pick at with either, really.

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    It's a very nice name. I love Susannah/Susanna (it's in my sig), and Savannah feels similar, though a bit more modern. But Savannah didn't come out of nowhere in the 90s - it actually ranked in the 300s in the 1880s.

    I think people are saying that Savannah is dated or trendy because it rose sharply in a short span of time. A trendy name today is a dated name tomorrow. But I don't quite agree that Savannah is that kind of name. It's not just about the rise in popularity, it's about the name itself. Isabella, Sophia, and Samantha all rose recently, and are popular, but not what I'd call trendy. Savannah doesn't have the modern invented feel of, say, Peyton or Madison or Jaelynn.

    I think Savannah can fit in the "new classic" category. It's beautiful. It won't be everyone's cup of tea, but as long as the ranking doesn't bother you I can't think of a reason not to use it. I'd especially ignore the "stripper name" comment if I were you.
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