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    Bryce vs. Callum

    I've been having a tough time finding a boy's name that will suit a baby, young man, and adult.

    My husband and I love the name Bryce, but I am a little hesitant because I am not sure if Bryce will wear well on a 50-year-old man.

    Another name I've been admiring lately is Callum, but I have not even broached the topic with my husband yet because he loves the name Bryce so much.

    Bryson is not an option.

    Thank you for your honest feedback!

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    I love Callum. I love the look and the sound and the meaning. Bryce just feels a bit dated to me. But I think it would age fine.
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    I know several people named Bryce, and they are all over the place in terms of age. I think of it as a kind of modern classic. I think it will wear more easily on a 50 year old than Callum. The latter will most likely date easily to the "Irish/ending in -an/en/yn" trends of today (which I don't necessarily consider a bad thing). I think your son would be happy to be named either, though
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    I love Callum, but I think Bryce would wear just fine on an older person (no, he wouldn't fit with all the Ethel's and Ward's and Dorothy's of today's nursing homes, but names are now ranging from Evelyn to Leshawna to Aiden to Houston and I think a Bryce wouldn't be too odd at all- I doubt anyone would bat an eye)

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    Both great names! I think both will wear well throughout life. Personally, I love the nickname Cal, so I'd probably go with Callum, but Bryce has a bit more of a classic feel to me. Either way, your son will have a great name!

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