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    Baby Boy has Arrived!

    Gentry Robert was born March 12 at 3:42 am. Gentry decided to make an early appearance-7 weeks! But is doing very well and hopefully we will be able to take him home in a few weeks.

    We chose Gentry because it was a name that my husband and I had heard growing up from a guy he played basketball against in high school and loved it! Have never heard of another Gentry. We wanted something unique but not too out there. Robert is my husband, his father, and his grandfather's first name. However my husband didn't want to name our son Robert as a first so we went with it in the middle spot.

    Welcome Gentry Robert<3

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    Congrats on your little boy! Gentry is nice, familiar but not common. Hope he comes home soon!

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    Congratulations on your little boy! I'm so glad baby and mommy are doing well. I love the name Gentry!!!

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    I really like Gentry. Its unique without being too crazy. Good choice, mom and dad!

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    Congrats! Gentry is a great name!
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