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    Are Lucas and Levi too much for brothers?

    We have a 2.5 year old Lucas and are trying to find the right name for his brother due in 7 wks. I love the name Levi but worry its too "cutesy" with Lucas. We don't plan to have any more kids so the alliteration doesn't bother me but I just wonder if other people will think it's silly or if my boys will feel less individual somehow?

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    This type of naming was fairly common in the 80's / 90's, so it isn't appealing currently. My suggestion would be to keep looking.


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    If you love the name use it. I have a thing for names beginning with C, I'd definitely call my children casper and cordelia plus another c if it was my favourite name!
    definitely make sure their middle names are different, my husband and his father have the same initals and open each others mail all the time.
    otherwise maybe you could use levi as the middle and call him that anyway.
    Good luck with your new little one!a
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    I don't love the alliteration, but the names each have their own distinct sound (beyond the fact that they start with the same letter). It's not as if they rhyme. I know many sets of siblings that start with the same letter. I don't think it makes them feel any less individual or special.

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    I think that Lucas and Levi make a great sibset! Other than starting with the same letter, I think they are two very different and distinct names. They go very well together!

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