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    Are These Twin Names Too Similar?

    So I love the names Naveen and Nova but lately when I say them out loud they sound too similar Naveen I love but Nova I've been thinking of changing but don't know what to choose I really want something unique and different that goes with Naveen.
    Other thoughts:
    Nyla [also worried about this one]

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    How about Naveen and Nera?
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    I think they're too similar. For identical twins, I wouldn't even use names starting with the same letter or sound.
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    yes, too similar. I am an aunt to grown twin boys who were desperate for indivuality - I discourage similar names for twins altogether, and these names seem very close. Maybe other people know of twins who loved be the same in an many ways as possible, but that was not the experience of my nephews so that shapes my view on this matter...good luck!

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    I think they're way too similar. I also think Nyra is too similar also.

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