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Thread: Bitter !?!

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    I was worried about the bitter meaning after looking up Moira and Marie (both variants of Mary), both of which I love. But I wasn't too worried considering Mary was so popular in the past, so it clearly didn't put anyone off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bonfireazalea View Post
    Mary's such a classic, so familiar to everyone, that I don't think the meaning matters much. I think of it as timeless, then Biblical, before anything else. People- including your future daughter, if you use it- will have so many other associations with it that that will probably influence what they think of the name more than the literal meaning. FWIW, the only Mary I've known (her birth name was actually another variant of Mary, but that's what she went by) was warm, fun-loving, spunky, and good-humoured. Definitely not a bitter person, and I wouldn't automatically associate a girl or woman named Mary with bitterness.
    Oh, Gosh, I don't associate every women as automatically bitter, just the ones that I knew. Not every women out there will be bad or bitter people. I merely, was stating that the group of people that I knew had been and it in part jilted my perspective along with the meaning of the name. I'm starting to see the beauty in the name, but I haven't arrived there. My purpose was to find out if others struggled and see what they find appealing about. I would NEVER write ALL people off because of a name and its meaning, maybe write the name off for my child by its meaning alone, but not living breathing people. :-)
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    Also, If soo many can look over the possible bitter meaning in Mary, why can't others over look Hilter for the name Adolphine? I really think we all have our name struggles. Thanks for all your insights, and the other possible meanings for Mary.

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    I'm called Mary - I'm 19 and although I disliked the name when I was a kid, I've grown to like it. The meaning has never bothered me at all, and I've never had anyone dislike me because of the meaning of my name. I also know three other teenage Marys (I'm in the UK) so I've never thought of it as an old name at all - it sounds more classic than old-fashioned to me.


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    I've always had a soft spot for Mary and for Miriam. I have also heard it referred to as "Star of the Sea" so I think there is a bit of a discrepancy on naming websites. Then again the meaning could have been altered over time as well. It has a very pretty, feminine sound with a strong and proud history. I don't overtly think of it as an "Old lady name" though my friend who has it as a middle name does. Old lady names to me are they names that feel too clunky to be brought back like Brunhilda. At least where I live, my community doesn't venture very far when it comes to naming, it's always short and simple.

    The Adolphine relationship to Adolf Hitler is still very fresh around the world. Yes, it has been quite a long time to some, but it's still a topic of discussion and inquest. There are still questions being asked and answered about it all the time. For the most part, the popularity of Adolph had no real claim to fame, until Adolf Hitler. So it's understandable why so many find it hard to overlook. Especially when he wasn't famous for being an actor, a politician etc, I mean, his claim to fame was attempting to extinguish an entire race (actually two races: Jewish people and Romani People [also known by the offensive term gypsies.])
    This is a terrible example, but it's like how many people will relate the name Paris to Paris Hilton. It's just the most prominent name relation they know of. Maybe one day it will become acceptable again without flustered looks, but at this stage I don't think so.
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