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Thread: Bitter !?!

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    Mary's such a classic, so familiar to everyone, that I don't think the meaning matters much. I think of it as timeless, then Biblical, before anything else. People- including your future daughter, if you use it- will have so many other associations with it that that will probably influence what they think of the name more than the literal meaning. FWIW, the only Mary I've known (her birth name was actually another variant of Mary, but that's what she went by) was warm, fun-loving, spunky, and good-humoured. Definitely not a bitter person, and I wouldn't automatically associate a girl or woman named Mary with bitterness.
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    I wouldn't let the meaning stop me from using a name.

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    Most people don't worry about meanings and I think that they would see a lot more in the name Mary than bitter.
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    It might not have the prettiest meaning, but "bitter" wouldn't completely throw me off from the name. I don't usually judge people based on their name meanings since there are so many reasons why a person might have their name. Many people give their children names that don't have the most cheery meanings, and I'd still rather name my daughter Mary/Marie/Maria than a name that means "son of".

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    The Mary I know is one of the sweetest, most fun-loving women I know, and the Marie I knew was very funny and had lots of character.

    The Miriams I've known ran the gamut, several were memorably crazy but the name doesn't mean "crazy" so I wouldn't worry about it being an omen.

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