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Thread: Bitter !?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by geeknamezyo View Post
    Mary is such a classic, and I have so many associations with it, that I sometimes forget it even has a meaning! I think what the name means to you is a lot more important than its actual meaning, anyway. And the "bitter" meaning hasn't stopped countless people throughout the centuries, so why let it stop you?

    Bitter, that is what stops me. Every women I have ever know with the name Mary/Maria/ Marie were the definition of the meaning of the word, which turned me off as well, but mainly the meaning/
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    I think Mary is a beautiful name. The "bitter" meaning would not stop me from using it. I think of a bitter taste, like coffee or grapefruit, before I think of bitter as in an unpleasant and resentful person. Plus, people name their kids Cecilia, Mallory, Claudia, Tristan, etc. all the time and most people never know their unfortunate meanings...and if I recall correctly, I think the precise meaning of Mary isn't even known for sure anyway?

    Here's what Behind the Name says:

    If that's the case, Mary could have a lovely meaning. Either way, Mary has a wonderful history, has literary connections, and is a beautiful classic that is just out of fashion enough to be quite refreshing on a baby these days!

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    Bitter, that is what stops me....ugh! Every women I have ever know with the name Mary/Maria/ Marie were the definition of the meaning of the word, so it turns me down all the way around. I figured if it had a wonderful meaning it can be over looked but it doesn't, so it seems soo omen sounding because of it... Does that make sense?
    To be honest, it doesn't make sense to me. I can't imagine hating such an ancient, powerful, and beautiful name because of a shallow understanding of one of its contested meanings and a few people who weren't so pleasant.
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    Well bitter in reference to food can be considered negative. Many dislike the name lemon/lemmon, because it bitter in taste/sound/ look/ and meaning. Everyone's associations vary from person to person. This is why I am asking if the meaning bothered many...
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    Does Mary just mean bitter? Miriam (the name it's taken from in Hebrew) doesn't.

    Anyway, I don't mind it. I do think about matching it to a middle that would contrast, like Kezia or Dulcie or something, because "bittersweet" or "bitter cinnamon" appeals to me. I don't think girls' names need to be all super fuzzy pink and happy anyway.

    It's not the Bible name that ONLY means bitter; that's Mara, Naomi's chosen 2nd name. Miriam has multiple facets.

    The origin of the Hebrew: מִרְיָם, Modern Miryam Tiberian Miryām is not clear. It may mean "wished-for child", "bitter", "rebellious" or "strong waters". Alternatively, bearing in mind that many Levite names are Egyptian, it might be derived from an Egyptian word myr "beloved" or mr "love",.[1][2] A far less likely derivation is from the ancient Egyptian name Meritamen or "Merit-Amun", "beloved of Amun".[3]
    Wished for child is of course nice enough. Rising waters speaks to me because I love nature names, and also the ties to the sea-crossing of Exodus.

    Rebellious actually appeals to me for the strength aspect.

    There's another name that I love that's also Hebrew and means heart/love and I think about pairing them, too. Miriam Libi. My wished for child; my heart. Or rebellious; my heart.

    I don't think of it as only bitter. I don't know if this helps you though.

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