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    Kala_way: yes we can use any from our list as middles as well. Juno Beatrice Serafina is amazing thank you!
    Sorceress- Echo Clementine Bea is way way better than my combo thank you!
    Lerenerd- love clementine Sparrow Bea and clementine Beatrice Juno! I really like bird names. Our children are Miro (b), Lila (g) and Paloma (g). Paloma means dove in Spanish so obv we like bird names. Birdie was also on our list but taken off because there are 2 birdies in Lila's dance class.

    Thank you guys so much I would have need come up with these combos on my own.

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    I love Clementine and Penelope.. they are my top two first names!
    Seraphina would be a gorgeous middle name (pleases your husband and you were going to use it as a first name for your second!)

    Clementine Seraphina Beatrice
    Penelope Seraphina Beatrice

    Love both of those combinations.

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    By the way, I love the Paloma, gorgeous!

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    Ooh, I love Boheme -- massive soft spot for that little dear. I also like Echo, Serafina and Juno from your list.

    My vote goes to Serafina Bea Boheme for combo - both of your favourites are used, plus the important family name. Win-win. I would love to see Boheme as first though, so perhaps Boheme Serafina Beatrice (hmm, think I like that better).

    With a list like yours (I love it) I'd love to know the names of the children you already have. I bet they're fantastic.
    Last edited by sunniva; April 2nd, 2014 at 05:03 AM. Reason: Ah, Miro, Lila & Paloma....yes, lovely indeed! :)

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    All the best,

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