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    Top five:

    Agnes - I think a Brit would be able to pull this off easily. It's similarity to the revived Alice and Frances help to make it realistic for a modern girl, and Aggie is the logical next step now that Abbie, Addie, and Maggie are all quite common. I also like that Agnes has a rich medieval history.

    Cordelia - I love that it's very feminine without being frilly, and it has a nice strength and quirkiness to it.

    Jemima - It's just so quirky, sweet, and charming. It has a very peaceful feel to it as well.

    Oona - This one is so fun and quirky, and sadly underused.

    Raphaela - Raphaela is fiery and strong and packed with personality. It also makes me think of art and the Renaissance, mostly because of Raphael.
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    My 5 picks from your list would be:

    Araminta - I'm on the fence with this, the Ara beginning is a bit frilly to my taste but I love nn Minta.
    Audra - Love this. So unexpected and fresh - way stronger & more exotic sounding than Audrey. Very stylish.
    Celeste - I have always liked Celeste, I wish it had a natural nickname.
    Estella - I love Stella - its so clunky & fun. Estella is just gorgeous, very "now".
    Magdalena nn Magda - Beautiful, uncommon, recognizable. Soft & sultry. This is my favourite for you.

    Edited to add my LEAST faves:

    Geraldine – nn Deanie
    Iseabail (ISH-bel)
    Jessamy - nn Jessie
    Titania - This is far and away your worst pick.
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    Great list. The most I was able to do was get it down to 7!

    Beatrix - In my own top 10. I adore the X.
    Esme - So sleek and international-feeling.
    Iseabail - I pretty much automatically love every single variation of Isabel. This one is lovely!
    Cordelia - I also automatically love anything that ends in -elia.
    Fenella - So underrated and elegant!
    Aurora - Just pretty.
    Sybilla/Sibylla - Sybella is my favorite variation, but I also love Sibylla. Such a cool name.

    Honorable mentions: Matilda, Rosaline, Ophelia, Amelia, Audra, Oona
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