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    Name the Babies G3 Results (123names)

    The Cook Family (Family #1)

    DH: Asher Brennan Cook (peacheysmiles) (from previous generation)
    DW: Scarlett Denise Cook

    DS: Nathan Clay Cook (lizzycsa)
    DD: Esme Calista Cook (jinglebelldaisy)
    DS: Felix Callaway Cook (jinglebelldaisy)
    DD: Nora Colleen Cook (lizzycsa)
    DD: Alice Cecily Cook (jinglebelldaisy)

    The Watkins Family (Family #2)

    DH: Jace Robert Watkins
    DW: Penelope Natalya Watkins (heidieliza) (from previous generation)

    DS: Maxwell William Watkins "Max" (fantastique)
    DD: Rose Elizabeth Watkins (bb)
    DD: Tess Catherine Watkins (shanade213)
    DS: Lucas Alexander Watkins "Luke" (bb)
    DS: Coleman Thomas Watkins "Cole" (shanade213)

    The Bond Family (Family #3)

    DH: Sterling Bowen Bond
    DW: Everly Rose Bond (drvc) (from previous generation)

    DAD: Amabel Chloe Bond (fantastique)
    DS: Emery Kaine Bond (lovemybabies29)
    DAD: Molly Blythe Bond (bb)
    DS: Fletcher Rhys Bond (drvc)
    DD/DS: Aya Carys Bond/Callum Griffith Bond (shanade213/drvc)
    DS: Lennox Dillon Bond (drvc)
    DS: Ellis Wyn Bond (jinglebelldaisy)

    The Russell Family (Family #4)

    DH: Jacob Franklin Russell
    DW: Ella Page Russell (laceyharkins) (from previous generation)

    DD: Ava Juniper Russell (jinglebelldaisy)
    DS: Logan Wolf Russell (peacheysmiles)
    DD: Sophia Lark Russell (drvc)
    DS/DD: Benjamin Sorrell Russell/Olivia Wren Russell (peacheysmiles/shanade213)
    DS/DD: Jackson Ridge Russell/Hannah Cricket Russell (peacheysmiles/amburli)

    The Sharpe Family (Family #5)

    DH: Jasper Dante Sharpe (bb) (from previous generation)
    DW: Jamie Michaela Sharpe

    DD: Juliana Sicily Sharpe (bowtiful)
    DD: Johanna Odessa Sharpe (emitheduckling)
    DS: Judah Boston Sharpe (emitheduckling)
    DS/DD: Jett Denver Sharpe/Jocelyn Sahara Sharpe (emitheduckling/lovemybabies29)
    DD: Junia Argentina Sharpe (shanade213)

    The Hogan Family (Family #6)

    DH: Walden Zakkarie James Ballinger (invisiblestudent) (from previous generation)
    DW: Lauren Elsa Ballinger

    DD: Imogen Hazel Ballinger (bb)
    DS: Cohen Grey Ballinger (drvc)
    DD: Ellen Violet Ballinger (emitheduckling)
    DS: Holden Cyan Ballinger (amburli & sis)
    D Dog: Papillon the Female White Pomeranian (peacheysmiles)
    D Dog: Penelope the Female Tan Pomeranian (amburli)
    Combos I'm Liking:

    Everett Wolf, Ronan, Leo, Rufus, Jane, Henry, Phoebe & Juliet

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