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    Due in August - Still no name!

    We are due in August and we are not finding out the gender until baby's birthday but we would like to have 2 or 3 names for each sex picked out and make a final choice once we see babies face

    Right now we have 5 of each but we are not 100% on anything so I'd love to hear your favorites from this list or names your think we might like

    Parents Joshua and Katy Bell welcome baby ------ into this world -

    Lincoln Bell
    Caspian Bell
    Dax or Jax Bell
    Ledger Bell
    Agustus Bell

    Ellanora Bell
    Coraline Bell
    Magnolia Bell
    Delilah Bell
    Adora Bell

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    Caspian and Coraline are my favorites.

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    Congrats! I love Augustus and Caspian, and Magnolia and Ellanora. They all sound fantastic with your last name!
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    Caspian or Lincoln
    Coraline or Magnolia

    Adora Bell sounds just like adorable when said aloud. This may be cute for a little girl, but would hardly suit a mature woman.
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