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    1. George- Alice and George feel perfect to me. I can't think of any drawbacks.
    2. Peter- I'm not generally a fan of Peter (I just don't like the sound. Or the connotations), but I think it works with Alice. It's a classic name.
    3. Arthur- My favorite of your choices, but not with Alice. I don't generally like matching initials, and Alice and Arthur sounds a little cartoonish.
    4. Edward- While I don't expect Twilight to have much staying power, it's the first thing I think about right now when I imagine Alice and Edward together. Edward is handsome and classic, but I can't get over the Twilight association.
    5. Clark- Clark, while handsome, doesn't have the classic feel of your other names. Also, Alice and Clark reminds me a bit of Lewis and Clark.

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    dovah, I agree!

    We've essentially eliminated Arthur, Edward and Clark. Arthur and Edward may work as middles or for future children. I love Arthur, but I can't do back-to-back As, and family isn't really on board with the name, anyhow. I still don't love Peter and I strongly dislike nicknames Pete and Petey. Peter just doesn't seem special or fitting enough, somehow, despite all the amazing literary associations. It's a name I'd love on another child, just not this one.

    I am strongly feeling George these days. This may sound out there, and I certainly don't place a ton of stock into dreams, but I've been having dreams with a lot of "earthy" imagery. When pregnant with my daughter, who was born in 2012, the "year of the water dragon," I had dreams of whales in the ocean. Her name has layers of meaning for us, including a strong water association (Cordelia, "daughter of the sea"). Anyhow, beyond all this dream stuff, I think it's cool that Saint George is strongly associated with horses, as this little one will be born during the "year of the horse". (Yes, I think too much!)

    I just want to feel good knowing I'm giving my kid a name that'll grow with him, a name that provides lots of wiggle room for whoever he will be and become, y'know? Is George that name? It may be.

    Thanks again for listening and providing such valuable advice.

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    George is my favorite by far! I've always had such a soft spot for George and its humble, earthy meaning. Plus it fits so perfectly with Alice (and Helen & Jane), and it has family significance and special meaning for you... seems meant to be

    What do you think of George Philip? Philip means 'lover of horses' so could tie in nicely with Saint George and the 'year of the horse.' Good luck!
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    With Alice (I love this name btw!):
    5.Peter ( I just dislike this name for some reason, but it sounds nice with Alice)

    George is a wonderful name.

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    3. Arthur
    5. Clark
    1. Edward
    2. George
    4. Peter

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