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    1) George- I have such a soft spot for George. George and Alice are divine.
    2) Clark- very charming.
    3) Arthur- I like Arthur and Alice but I have a weird issue with sibs having the same beginning letter. That is just me though!
    4) Peter. Alice and Peter are adorable together.
    5) Edward- I love Edward but Edward and Alice are to Twilight for me.

    Other suggestions: Harry, Frederick, Paul, Henry, Theodore, Luther, Simon.
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    1) Arthur - assuming shared first initials aren't a concern.
    2) Clark - really like this one with Alice!
    3) Edward - yep, definitely a Twilight-y vibe, but I love the nns, so it cancels out.
    4) George - Nice, if a little unremarkable.
    5) Peter - I've just never liked it for some reason. To me it feels a little bit...snivelly, maybe? Goes well with Alice, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ellaminnowpea View Post
    My partner and I have something of a final list for boys' names. Please pick your favourite and/or rank the following names according to preference. Any and all opinions welcome!


    P.S. We have a daughter named Alice.
    Love the name Alice.

    I think Peter and George go best as far as complimenting Alice for brother names.

    My actual preferences is: #1 Clark

    #2 Peter

    The others are not my taste currently.

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    1. Arthur
    2. Edward
    3. George
    4. Clark
    5. Peter

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    Thanks for the excellent feedback thus far. I'm not sure this makes our decision any easier!

    A few of you highlighted some of my thoughts and concerns. I'm reluctant to use Arthur because of the matching initial issue. If Arthur and Alice were separated by another sibling this would be less of a concern. My partner's name also begins with A, which rather makes matters worse. Additionally, I agree that Clark (unfortunately) lacks the depth and history of our other name choices, including our girl picks (Helen Beatrice & Jane Sylvia). We really like the sound of Clark, though (and I like that the word lark is tucked away in there). Edward and Alice often rings too Twilighty to me, as well. I'm also not super keen on "Ned," and this is the nickname my partner and his sisters want to use.

    It seems that leaves George and Peter as top picks. I'm not sure how I feel about Peter a lot of the time. I love its literary connections, but the name itself doesn't typically give me major warm fuzzies.

    George was my great-grandfather's name, which is a bonus. I also love its meaning. Would Alice, George, Helen, and (possibly) Jane work, if we were to have two more girls? I like to think/plan into the future when naming!

    Thank you so much for your help. Please keep the votes coming!
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