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    Family: Name the Babies! R3

    Round 3:
    note* I do not check that a name is italian or whatnot so please be honest. may the best name win!

    Johnson Family:
    Callie & Chase are overjoyed with their girls! When Mia & Chloe are 1 year old, Chase brings home a little surprise- a puppy! All the kids are excited. They decide to give the pup a ‘real’ name (no muffin or doodle) but one with some spunk (not Joe or Brian)!
    DS: Levi Jackson
    DS: Wesley Grant
    DS: Graham Lincoln (emitheduckling)
    DD: Mia Scarlett (laugh-dream-love)
    DD: Chloe Isabelle (laugh-dream-love)

    Cassano Family:
    Maria & Antonio love the four years with Cameo & Violetta. They see how close their bond is together. Although Antonio loves his girls, he longs for a little boy to play soccer with. They decide to try for a boy, and they get pregnant with one! As with Violette & Cameo they want Italian first names. To honor Antonio, they want this boy’s name to start with and A. The middle should be the name of a famous Italian saint.
    DD: Violetta Mary (bb)
    DD: Cameo Eve (shanade213)

    Hartford Family:
    Jesse & Nicole loves being at home with little Finn! The three brothers are all in school, but next year Finn with be in first grade. Nicole & Jesse realize that they can financially support more children so they try again, the get a little boy AND a little girl. They love the cool, hipster vibe the boys have and they want to continue this. As with the older kids, these babies should have names that add up to 10 letters.
    DS: Holden Seth (bb)
    DS: Elliot Zane (bb)
    DS: Graham Abel (bb)
    DS: Finn Tobias (emitheduckling)

    Mcglasson Family:
    Eric & Kate love Sydney so much! She is a little soccer loving princess. Although Eric didn’t get his boy, he feels so blessed. On Eric’s birthday, Kate surprises him with a little BOY German Shepherd puppy! They want to give him a soccer related name- either an object or person.
    DD: Mia Louise
    DD: Abby Sloane
    DD: Alex Phoebe
    DD: Carli Elle
    DD: Gemma Hallie (amylina23)
    DD: Sydney Hope (bethechange626)

    Warden Family:
    Taylor & Mason love their four kids and they feel their family is complete! When Mason goes on a two week church mission trip to Peru, he works at an orphanage and falls in love with a little baby boy who was abandoned by his mother. Mason convinces Taylor to let them adopt him, after two months, they finally meet this little boy. They have been calling him Osito which means ‘little bear’. This little bear’s name should be a Spanish, unisex first. The middle should be a name of strength that is all male.
    DD: Harper Charlotte
    DD: Emery Madeline (emitheduckling)
    DS: Elliott Tobias (emitheduckling)
    DS: Ashton Christopher (bailibsmum)

    Shimada Family:
    John & Lucy are loving the fun connection Arlo & Vera have. They always play together and have fun. John & Lucy decide their family is complete & they don’t want to disturb this little bond Vera & Arlo have. This works until Arlo is five. A big surprise comes along with Lucy learns she is pregnant with quadruplets! The four girls should have fun 4 letter nams like Vera & Arlo. Middle initials should be in birth order A, B, C, D. The names should be long and have a timeless, classic feel.
    DD: Vera Elizabeth (amburli)
    DS: Arlo Hiroaki (bowtiful)

    Ronaldson Family:
    Katherine & Alexander love Amara & Esme as their own. They grow up knowing all about their mom and how great she was. When the twins are six, Alex & Kate learn they are pregnant with a little girl! They give her a cool place name as a first, and a southern name for the middle.
    DS: Finnian Montgomery (bb)
    DS: Everett Dixon (bowtiful)
    DD: Amara Elsa (peacheysmiles)
    DD: Esme Lisette (jinglebelldaisy)
    Currently Loving:
    Addison, Britton, Ella, Cara, Kennedy, & Leighton
    Beckett, Hudson, Greyson, Drew, Finn, & Hunter
    name suggestions are welcome any time, message me!

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