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    I started to love Audrey recently as well. As for middle names, I think the following might suit your other combos and your restrictions:

    Audrey Lavinia
    Audrey Cecilia
    Audrey Ophelia
    Audrey Cornelia
    Audrey Cordelia
    Audrey Clementine
    Audrey Tabitha
    Audrey Virginia
    Audrey Georgina
    Audrey Louisa
    Audrey Theodora
    Audrey Federica
    Audrey Beatrix
    Audrey Leonore
    Audrey Victoria
    Audrey Laetitia
    Audrey Philippa

    This said, I like Audrey Delphinia, but slightly prefer Audrey Delphine.

    Hope any of these helped.
    Best of luck =)

    Caroline. 23 year old from Brazil.

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    Thank you everyone for the suggestions!

    Audrey Helena - I really like the flow.

    Audrey Clementine
    Audrey Margot - I like the look, but the sound is too short.
    Audrey Leonora - I like Leonora in theory, but not for myself.
    Audrey Maeve - Pretty, but not for me.
    Audrey Lorelei - Very pretty, but not for me.
    Audrey Delphine - Looks nice, but I don't like the -phine in Delphine.
    Audrey Catherine - Gorgeous, but too Katherine Hepburn.
    Audrey Rosamund - Another pretty combo, but I don't want another Rose name.

    Audrey Irina - I like Irina, but the flow is off.
    Audrey Lark - Not a fan of Lark.
    Audrey Nola - Too short.
    Audrey Roxana - Not a fan of the Rox- sound.
    Audrey Sabrine - Would be confused with Sabrina.
    Audrey Scarlett - I don't like how it has 'Scar' in it.
    Audrey Stella - I don't like the flow of it.
    Audrey Lilliane - Looks odd and I don't want another Lil- name.
    Audrey Vivienne - The 'e' sounds sticks out in both names.
    Audrey Frances - I don't like Frances.
    Audrey Paige - Too trendy and 80s'.
    Audrey Faye - Too 80s'
    Audrey Marit - I don't like Marit.
    Audrey Greer - Very ugly sound.
    Audrey Isadora - Bad flow and I prefer Isabel.
    Audrey Xanthe - The sound is too short.
    Audrey Paloma - Not a fan of Paloma.
    Audrey Nanette - Nanette seem very old fashioned to me. Not a fan.
    Audrey Ysaline - I can't unsee Saline.
    Audrey Kate - Too short.
    Audrey Jeanine - I don't like Jeanine.

    I'm super picky.
    Thoughts in this thread?

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