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    Charlie for a girl?

    Hey Berries!
    I was just wondering what your thoughts are about having the first name Charlie for a girl? Not as a nickname of Charlotte/Charleen. To me, I don't think it is very masculine, I think the biggest problem is that most people think of it as a boy name. What is your opinion on the name?


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    Either way, I feel like Charlie is more like a nickname. It's like naming your daughter Maddie. Not Madison, not Madelyn or Madeleine, just Maddie. I definitely prefer it as either Charles or Charlotte. A more formal name gives a child a professional name to fall back on if they desire.

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    I love Charlie, for a boy. I have Charlie Hawthorne on my long list. I personally cannot see it as a full name for a girl. Charles is nice, it's actually a family name, but I prefer Charlie.

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    I had always thought of it as a name for a boy....but this year, I teach a little girl named Charlie. That is her given first name and she is ADORABLE. It suits her SO well, it has changed my perception of the name. I can see it on a girl, but only after having met one!

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    My best friend is a Charlotte, she has always been Charlie to her friends. At work (she is now a doctor) she prefers Charlotte, it's more professional. Babies don't stay young forever, I like names that kids can grow into. There is also Charlize.

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