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    Sibling for Asher & Ellie

    I am having an unexpected (but most wanted!) 3rd child and I am struggling to come up with anything I love. I am keeping the gender a surprise. I have 2 year old b/g twins named Asher & Elliana (Ellie) and I am looking for something that fits with our family. Our last name has only one syllable, so I prefer more than one syllable names. I also prefer Hebrew or Biblical but am open. Here is my very short list so far. Please help me add to this and/or give opinions on current list!

    Girls- Eden, Sadie, Ada, Mira, Sia, Mara, Simone
    Boys- Levi, Abel, Milo, Abram, Solomon

    That's all I got! Hep appreciated!

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    With Asher and Elliana "Ellie" I like either Abram or Solomon for a boy and Eden for a girl. Would Abram or Solomon have a NN? I'm just curious since I know Abram and Abraham are often shortened to Abe and Solomon just seems like a big name for a little baby. I know he would eventually grow into it and it work really well as an adult. I'm just wondering if you would use anything for when their young.
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    What wonderfully-named children you have!
    I really love Levi and Abram. WDYT of Ezekiel or Zeke? Or Gideon, Jude, Sebastian?
    For girls, I quite like Eden and Mira. WDYT of: Selah, Tabitha, Phoebe, Junia?

    Good luck!

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    I love Ada and Solomon, they both sound great with Asher and Elliana
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