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    Thoughts on narrowed down list for sister to Adeline and Theo

    We're narrowing down our list, but are still open to suggestions if something strikes you as going well with our style! We like for one of the names to have some significance to us though. Please tell me which is your fav and if there are any "issues" with any of these!
    Amelia Nell (too similar to Adeline? Too common? )
    Cora Florence
    Coralie Nell
    Eliza Nell
    Elsbeth Florence
    Isadora Nell
    (Nell, Dora, Elizabeth are family names and we are big Florence Nightingale fans b/c husband is a nurse and we love strong women. Just no Florence as a fn b/c of the nicknames.)
    Thanks for the help! I have less than 10 weeks to go!

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    I think it's nice when siblings don't share a first letter between their names in re: to Amelia.

    My favorite combination is Isadora Nell. I think it has lovely balance, but Isadora seems a little more heavy than the other two. I think Adeline, Theo & Coralie make a great set. They compliment but are also very distinct.

    With Cora Florence I don't like the rhyme: Cor/Flor. You could go a little bold with Cora Nightingale. That's just lovely.

    I don't see any potential problems with your names though.

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    Even though the best combo is Isadora Nell, I think I prefer Coralie with Adeline and Theo.
    All the best,

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    I love Adeline, Theo, and Coralie and Adeline, Theo, and Elsbeth.

    "A person’s a person, no matter how small.”
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    I like Isadora Nell best
    Current Favourites:

    Elizabeth Francesca Jane (Elsie), Henrietta Beatrice Matilda (Wren), Marguerite Eleanor Rosalind (Mae),
    Albertine Viola Blythe and Rosamund Isobel Celia (Posy)

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