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    Nash or Cade with sister Scarlett

    My DH and I have narrowed down our favorite baby boy names, but need your help to choose just one! Scarlett is big sis. Middle name will be Thomas. Last name rhymes with Stoddard.

    We can't decide between Nash or Cade. I also like Hugo, Fraser, and Theodore "Theo", but my DH would need convincing. We want to be unique and not too trendy. What is the best fit?

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    I like Cade Thomas
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    I honestly really dislike both, but I'd go with Cade as the lesser of two evils. Nash just makes me think "nasty" and "wailing and gnashing of teeth."

    I would campaign hard for Theodore!

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    Cade is my favorite of the two. It also sounds nice with Scarlett.

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    I love Nash, but I think Cade Thomas has a nicer ring to it.

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