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    What do you think of these boy names?

    So I'll be ttc pretty soon and I've been working on revising my list. I've got the girls part down, that's the easy and fun one! The boy one is so frustrating because so many of the names I come up with have gone girl. Sadly gone are Sidney and Morgan, I haven't quite decided on if I want to go with Elliott, it's really popular as a boys name in my state but based on internet comments I think it's going to get huge for girls. (When people go on about how "cute" the name is for a girl or how feminine it is...well that starts to affect my opinion on the name aside from the popularity)

    Currently on the short list, opinions here aren't necessary as I've made up my mind about them for now:
    Casper, Everett, Vincent, Gabriel, Oscar, Isaac, Nicholas, Oliver, Jasper, Calvin, Abraham, Victor, Zachary, Alexander, August

    Names I am considering for the short list. *Here is where I would like your opinion.*

    Henry- it's been on and off. I love the name and almost gave it to my son but it's in top five in my state but considering how many names I've had to cross off now I'm thinking a popular name for a boy isn't such a bad thing.


    Harvey-I've fallen in love with this name lately. I've read it's big in the UK but I think it's considered kind of nerdy here...which actually kind of adds to the appeal for me...since husband and I are nerdy.










    Stefan-Also fallen in love with lately. I prefer this spelling because I really don't like Steven.

    Stanley-Also I think getting big in the UK?

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    Sidney, Morgan and Elliott are STILL boys names and I don't get the self-defeating attitude that if girls are given the name, they somehow lose their male appeal. They will "turn girl" if parents stop choosing them for their sons so you're following that sad pattern. What kind of double standard message are we sending? There is a Canadian hockey player called Sidney Crosby and having the name hasn't hurt his "manhood". Sidney is the boys spelling and Sydney the girls so I don't know why the name wouldn't stay on your list. I don't mean to be harsh or single you out but this mindset is so rampant that it drives me crazy. Many great boys names will be lost to the girls if parents lack the courage to stop the trend. It's in your hands so if you love the names, keep them.

    Now onto your have many names with the same ending on your short list so I'll group them by sound or letter ending (see below). I would pick your favourite name from each of the first three groups and a couple from the last group (eg. my choices would be Alexander, Vincent, Isaac, Gabriel and Nicholas). Then you can decide which names you can add to your list by what you currently have as your top choices.

    1 The R's = Casper/Jasper, Oscar, Oliver, Victor, Alexander
    2 The T's = Everett, Vincent, August
    3 The K's = Isaac and Zachary
    4 Miscellaneous = Gabriel, Nicholas, Calvin and Abraham

    Here are my thoughts on what names to add.

    Henry- if you're willing to let Zachary go, Henry would a be wonderful choice to add to your name list.
    Desmond - I love this Irish name but it really only goes well with Everett on your list. A mn maybe?
    Harvey - yes, it's nerdy but in a geeky-chic way. It's a saints name so it would fit in with some other saintly names on your boys list. Again, Zachary, Henry or Harvey?
    Hugo -your list is in dire need of a spunky boys name that ends in "o" and this would be a wonderful choice. It's sophisticated and chic with an exotic European flair. Love it.
    Ronan - I prefer Desmond. I can only see this name matching Everett.
    Roman - I dislike Roman Polanski. This is more of a noun to me than a name.
    Alan - dated
    Arthur - a great name but do you need another one that ends in "r" when you already have six choices?
    Sebastian - This name is gorgeous and if you're willing to let Calvin go, I would add it to the list in a heart beat.
    Donovan - see Desmond
    Edwin - A great name but I prefer Sebastian with the other names on your shortlist.
    Frederick - a strong choice but similar in sound to Isaac
    Stefan- I love this version of Stephen but I like Sebastian more.
    Stanley- I prefer Harvey
    All the best,

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    Firstly, I'm with Mischa in that I don't think you need to abandon Sidney, Morgan, and Elliott. Sidney Crosby is a superstar with this name, and Sidney Poitier is one classy guy. Sydney on a girl has a very 90s dated feel to me. I think Sidney could stage a comeback on the boys. It has a geeky-chick feel like Harvey on your list. Elliott is MUCH more popular on boys than girls.

    Henry - I love this name, despite the rising popularity. It fits well with your list.
    Desmond - I really like this one, though it doesn't match the style of some of the names on your list.
    Harvey - I want to like this name, but I just don't, and it's a burger chain around here.
    Hugo - I like this one too.
    Ronan - Nice name. I could see it with Oliver or Oscar.
    Roman - Not my favourite, but it works.
    Alan - This feels like a dad name to me, but it's usable for sure.
    Arthur - Love!
    Sebastian - Love this one as well! I could see this with a lot of the names on your list like Gabriel, Oliver, and August.
    Donovan - Nice
    Edwin - I want to like this name, but I much prefer Edward and Edmund.
    Frederick - Love!
    Stefan - I prefer this to Steven, but it's not my favourite. I like it in German (more like Stay-fahn), but not the English pronunciation (Steff-on). Between Stefan and Sebastian, I vastly prefer Sebastian.
    Stanley - Not my style.
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    Don't have time for a full response now, I'll come back and do that later, but I have a question:

    How do YOU pronounce Stefan? I've heard it said like Ste-FAWN and like STEFF-in. imo, Ste-FAWN seems very dramatic, but STEFF-in seems laid back and cool. I prefer the latter.

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    Henry- You're right, it's getting very popular. I know a TON of little boys under 4 with this name. Can't say I blame them though. I absolutely love this name. I wish I could get over my own aversion to popular names because I love it so much, but I can't. I have a very popular name for my generation and grew up being referred to ALWAYS by my first AND last name because there were so many of us. My husband also has a very popular name and it didn't bother him one bit, so I guess it depends on the person. If it doesn't bother you then I say this is a great, solid name to add.

    Desmond - Eh. Feels a little flighty to me. Reminds me of "Little Women" era or someone who is a stuffy, spoiled rich boy who is resentful towards his parents for being raised by nannies and servants. I also strongly dislike the nickname Desi.

    Harvey- This name has intrigued me lately. I'm still not sure how exactly I feel about it yet, but I definitely like the idea of it. I definitely feel like it's a "nerdy chic" name, which I totally dig too.

    Hugo - A little pompous, but I do like the idea of it because I like Hugh and I like names ending in 'o' (LOVE Milo).

    Ronan - I've always liked this name. I took it off my list when one of my best friends named her son Roman. It was too close for comfort. I would love to meet a little Ronan, though.

    Roman - I may be biased, but as stated above, a good friend of mine has a son named Roman, so of course I'm a fan. I still prefer Ronan...shhh, don't tell.

    Alan - Not a fan. Very dated. Nerdy, and not in the cool way.

    Arthur - This is definitely gaining popularity. I'm personally not a fan as I don't like Art or Artie and the "thur" part isn't appealing, but it's a solid choice for someone else.

    Sebastian - Love. It. I actually know of two little boys recently born with this name, but they're from two completely different parts of the world.

    Donovan - Reminds me of Donna. And I don't like Don or Donnie.

    Edwin - Gives me the same feel as Desmond. Although, I do love Edward nn Ned.

    Frederick - Feels a little pretentious to me. I much prefer Alfred when it comes to "fred" names. LOVE Alfie.

    Stefan- I'm sorry, but I would totally roll my eyes at the parents of a kid named Stefan. Please.

    Stanley- See Alan.
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