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    Persephone's sisters...

    Hi Guys,

    I love the name Persephone and I was just wondering how you could place it in a sibset, particularly an all girl sibset. So what would you name Persephone's sisters?

    So far I have Nell, Viola and Mary Grace but these are just ideas.

    what names come to mind when you think of Persephone?

    thanks xx
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    Persephone has that huge connection to Greek mythology that Nell, Viola, and Mary Grace do not have. They're more along the lines of vintage and would sound so out of place next to Persephone, imo. I think that if you're going to go out of the box with Persephone, you might as well go out of the box with her sister's names as well! They don't necessarily have to be from Greek myths. I think maybe something Irish/Gaelic could sound wonderful, especially if the names are connected by their meanings. (Orlaith meaning "golden princess" would make sense, considering Persephone is considered more beautiful than even Aphrodite and she is the queen of the Underworld.)

    Other examples, Caroun means "springtime," Rabia means "spring," and Persephone was associated as the goddess of Spring growth. Also associated with the harvest, you could possibly use Arista which means "harvest" and is of Greek origin. Flower names would be perfect. Amarantha and Persephone sound amazing together! I also like...

    Persephone & Anemone
    Persephone & Ianthe
    Persephone & Delphine
    Persephone & Senna
    Persephone & Bryony
    Persephone & Anona
    Persephone & Cerelia
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    Persephone is my daughter. ^_^ I agree with the pp. You're out of the box with Persephone and safe inside it with the others.

    My own ideas for when I have more girls are these:

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    I agree with the others. Use odd names with an odd name (if that makes sense).
    Persephone and Zipporah
    Persephone and Astoria
    Persephone and Eglantine
    Persephone and Andromeda
    Persephone and Fiametta
    Persephone and Apollonia
    Persephone and Romilly
    Persephone and Tallulah
    Persephone and Sophronia
    Persephone and Gwyneth
    Persephone and Amaryllis
    Persephone and Ceridwen

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