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    Finding a name with sparkle

    Hi berries,
    My OH and I have a very similar taste in names. Our boy list is; Stanley, Ralph, Arthur and George. We love all those names, with our top runners being Stanley and Ralph. But, I feel that our girl list is lacking in sparkle. Our current list is; Alice, Violet, Florence and Charlotte.
    Do you have any other ideas on how to make it have more of a sparkle? I adore the name Margo and OH loves Daisy. Thank you in advance.

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    I have similar taste in names. I love all these. My oldest daughter is Annabelle Violet and we are adding a sister in a few weeks and have decided on Daisy Olivia.
    So I'll suggest Annabelle and Ruby to you. I love Ruby but we have a cousin already named this.

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    The Daisy flower in Spanish is called the Margarita- Marguerite could make an interesting middle name that is a nod to both Daisy and Margo! Florence Marguerite is gorgeous, and full of sparkle, imo

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    Building on what yuma said: Marguerite is French for daisy, so if you give her the first name of Marguerite (or Margaret) you could call her Margot and/or Daisy.

    I love the four names on your current shortlist, though, and I feel those names do have sparkle!
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