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    Felicity? Beatrice?

    Hi berries!

    Recently, I have been crushing on Felicity and Beatrice.

    I really love that they both have upbeat, positive meanings and that they are familiar yet not super common.

    What are the opinions on the names Felicity and Beatrice?

    Thanks in Advance!

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    I think Felicity and Beatrice are both gorgeous names! Either would serve a girl very well, and it would be hard for me to pick one over the other, honestly.

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    I prefer Felicity. It feels more stylish and less "old ladyish". But the nickname Bea is cute. Overall, I really like Felicity and Beatrice is just ok.

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    I prefer Beatrice.
    Lovely meaning and beautiful sound.

    Felicity is very nice, but I always have the picture of a snooty, spoiled girl in my mind. It has some super cute nn's like Filly, Flity, Flicka, etc.
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    I think they're both good, but I wouldn't use them myself. They would go really well as a sibset, or even as a first/middle name.

    I like Beatrice, but I slightly prefer Beatrix. Felicity I have a hard time taking seriously... she's almost too whimsical. But it has family significance which makes me like it more than I normally would.

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