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    Creating names out of famy ones

    OH and I have 2 girl names that we love atm; Daisy Amelia and Gracie Belle. We also have many back up names such as; Lucy, Violet and Jessica.

    But we cannot agree on one boy name! So in a bid to try and find one, we'd like to include family names that we'd like to honour - but it's just a possibility at this point. So any nice couplings or variations would be very much appreciated. Here we go!

    My family - Clive, Anthony, Paul, Richard, Charles, James, Frank, Valentine, Peter, Guildford.

    OH family - Michael, James, Charles,

    Surname is Molloy.

    Thank you
    Fur mum to Wilfred 🐶

    TTC January 2018 💜
    George Clive Charles
    Harry Michael Peter
    Joshua Marcus James

    Girls - under construction

    Guilty Pleasure- Dax and Blossom

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    I think James would be good, or maybe Jameson, for a first name as it ties both of your families. I love the combo Jameson Paul. Maybe James Anthony or a non-family Theodore. James Valentine is great as well. Or maybe Charles, nickname Charlie? Charles Peter is nice.

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    Combos From Family Names

    Frank Guildford
    James Valentine
    Peter Clive
    Charles Anthony
    Richard Clive

    Combo Variations of Family Names

    Piers Valentine - fave
    Clive Anton
    Franklin Diego
    Charlie Mikko
    Micah Pietro
    Pierre Mitchell
    Francis Micah
    Petrus Antoine
    All the best,

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    Since I don't know what weight you are giving to each family member, I am going to assume that they are all equal in your desire to honor them through naming your son. There are a lot of nice names on your family list- Peter, Paul, Frank, and Valentine (or Valiant, as an alternative) are all names I would love to see on a new baby.

    Do you like the names Charles and James? I see that you have one of each on both sides, so that might be a good option. It seems from your girls names that you like nickname names- maybe Charlie Jamison?

    Maybe a smoosh name?

    Clive + Guildford= Clifford

    Anthony+Paul= Apollo

    Michael+ Richard+Anthony= Mario

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    I personally love the name Charles, nn Chuck. plus, you each have a Charles in your family, so it might be a nice way to start a naming tradition. Chuck also sounds good as a sibling to Daisy or Gracie if you do have a girl later.

    James also has some great international variations; Seamus, Jock, or Hamish all honour "James" without being too obvious. there's also Jameson, which I like, or nn Jem, which is classic and sweet, but not dated like Jim. (btw Jem is what Anne of Green gables names her first son, if you're a literature fan haha!)

    here are some other combos and variations you might like, including some ideas based on the girls names you picked...

    Charles "Chuck" Valentine (love this as a middle!)- Chuck Valentine Molloy sounds like a suave film-noir detective.
    Seamus Peter Molloy
    Jameson "Jem" Westley Molloy
    Pehr/Perry Jameson Molly (Pehr/Perry is a variation of Peter)
    Hamish Michael Molloy
    Anton Charles Molloy (instead of Anthony)

    Hawthorne Valentine Molloy
    Wylie James Molloy
    Sylvan Michael Molloy
    Leland Guilford Molloy
    Waylon Charles Molloy
    Jasper Valentine (can you tell I prefer Valentine? haha)

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