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Thread: Warner?

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    Hello All,

    If our third child is a boy we would like to honor my husband's beloved grandpa Werner (middle name Herman) by naming the baby Warner. The Nameberry page is for Warner is not very positive however. I am not worried whether or not it is the type of name that everybody will love, I do worry though that it is the type of name he might be embarrassed about or get teased about. What do you think? Is Warner a difficult name for a boy to go through school with?

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.

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    It isn't my favorite name, but I certainly don't think he'd be teased or that it would be hard to wear. It fits with the two syllable "-er" ending name trend and I think would go well with many other kids' names these days.

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    Nameberry only says that the names ties to Hollywood don't give it any pizzazz. Not very informative. Jack Warner was a big studio head in the Golden Age of Hollywood and there is Warner Bros. Studio. The name isn't my style because it's too surname -y. All I hear is "warn her". Personally, I would use it for a middle name to honour your DH's grandfather.
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    Ignore absolutely all that the Nameberry staff have to say about names. Ironically they're very very negative about anything outside of their tiny-perfect-name bubble (Eleanor, Sylvie and Max from what I can tell). Just ignore it; a better source for meanings etc. is, they're much more reliable and you don't get the snide remarks.

    I really like Warner, and I'd *definitely* use it if it's got family significance.
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    I think Warner sounds/looks great! I didn't even automatically think of the Warner bros. until I clicked the link. I say go for it, especially if it honours family.
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