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    It really depends on why you like Eden. Is it the meaning/Biblical reference, or the sound?

    Based on sound/feel:
    Eden and Charlotte
    Eden and Ruby
    Eden and Aria
    Eden and Lila
    Eden and Margot
    Eden and Ivy
    Eden and Mabel
    Eden and Ever (kind of matchy, but not in sound) or Eden and Everly

    If you like the Biblical side:

    Eden and Shiloh
    Eden and Esther
    Eden and Galilee (a little out-there)
    Eden and Miriam
    Eden and Selah
    Eden and Mercy
    Eden and Olive
    Eden and Phoebe
    Eden and Tabitha
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    Eden and Nova would be my top pick.

    Eden and Bethel is perfect IMO, though I know Bethel isn't everyone's cup of tea, I think it's gorgeous.

    Eden and Petra is another nice set.

    Eden and Juno would be a cute combo too
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    Eden is lovely!

    Eden and Georgia
    Eden and Piper
    Eden and Harper
    Eden and Winter
    Eden and Marlow
    Eden and Willow
    Eden and Bryony
    Eden and Laurel (my favorite)
    Eden and Lola
    Eden and Hayley
    Eden and Grace
    Eden and Isla
    Eden and Flora
    Eden and Ivy

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