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  • Casper

    3 6.98%
  • Caspar

    8 18.60%
  • Caspian

    32 74.42%
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    I love Caspian. The friendly ghost connection is definitely stronger than the Narnia connection. The problem with Caspar is that it'll be spelled as Casper... Maybe that's just more familiar to people because of the ghost? Although, the rising popularity of the YouTuber Caspar Lee could change that among the younger generations.

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    I LOVE Caspian, my absolute top favourite boys name! I love the sound and look and everything about Caspian, and I'm so glad it's not popular (high popularity is a big issue for me). The Narnia association is a bonus for me; it's a great literary name, the old BBC episodes bring back some special childhood memories, and it makes the name even more magical. I can already imagine having a little Caspian in the (very distant) future.
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    I really like Caspian. I think, at least in the US, the name Casper/Caspar still brings up images of the ghost to those my age (mid-twenties), but I also form strong associations with names so it could be just me. At the same time, I don't think that the ghost associations is negative in anyway, so if I don't think there'd be much issue over Casper/Caspar.

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    I like Casper. I've come to see Casper - especially with the nickname Cas - as a "cowboy name," sort of the Wild West's answer to the Old South's Jasper. If that makes any sense. Caspar is chic and European to me, whereas Caspian is magical and mysterious. I'm sure the associations to the friendly ghost and the Narnian prince will come up every now and then, but neither of them are negative associations.

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    I love Caspian. I love that it has a geographical connection and I'm just generally partial to -ian names. I also love the German Kaspian since it reflects my heritage. I honestly can't get past the friendly ghost association with Casper.
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