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    babies having babies last round results.

    The Evans'
    Judson Rhys & Kaley Amelia decided to wait 3 years before trying to adopt again. to let Eli and Zoe grow up a bit. So now they have come across another set of children one is 10, one is 6 and the other is 2. They are from ireland so they have irish names but no middle names so you and jud and the kids are picking names for them any type of middle name as long as it goes with the rest of the family

    DS: Caleb Nathaniel 2.5 yrs [shanade213]
    DD: Scarlett Amelia [lawsonhaley]
    DS: Aaron Christopher [shanade213]
    DS/DD: Elias Julian & Zoe Charlotte [bb]
    DAD10- Taryn Violet
    DAS-7- Kellen Oliver
    DAS-2- Declan Gabriel [all chosen by peacheysmiles]

    The sampson's
    Luca Riley & Lola-Belle decide were given awful news that a cousin Serena-mae & her husband Ajay Kieran Thomas had died in an accident and they had 6 children.. The children were going to be put in to the orphanage and then be split up and put into foster homes. but lola said no! and luca agreed that they would adopt them. little did they know that lolas cousin was also almost at full term with her 7th baby at the time of her accident so they have 6 children and a newborn baby. (The childrens names are unusual but not too out there) Lola is so happy that the children are with her and not in a care home, Lola wants to name the baby after her mother and father. and just as they adopt they find out that they are also pregnant again themselves but hadn't realised due to all the stress and grief of the loss of her cousin... by the time the adoption is complete the family have an early arrival of a little boy as lola goes in to premature labour.. and the baby boy is born weighing only 3lbs 4oz. but all healthy just small in weight.. her newborn niece is only 6 months older than her son... son is to be named what you want.

    DS: Jamie Carter [123names]
    DS: Casey Peyton [peacheysmiles]
    DD: Everly Hazel [alyssalorraine]
    DS/DD/DS: Bailey Gage, Hollis True & Talon Thorne [peacheysmiles / bb / angeline]
    Niece-Piper Lucy 12 [bb]
    Nephew- Keaton Henry 9 [bb]
    Nephew- Sawyer Knight 7 [bb]
    Nephew- Kingsley Miles 6 [bb]
    Niece/nephew- Darby Jane & Ezra Wesley 4 [bb]
    Newborn Niece- Kiera Serene [amburli]
    Newborn son...- Digby Charles [peacheysmiles]

    The Taylor-Evans
    Darcy Jane & Mason Lee and the children are all wanting a dog.. so they get a puppy .. name that puppy !
    DS/DS: Archibald ColeArchieTaylor-Evans & Augustus DeanGussy” [shanade213]
    DD: Cordelia JuneCordy
    DAD/DAD: Simone Page & Eloise Clair ''Simi & Elli'' [shanade213]
    DD: Raewyn Grace "Rae" [amburli]
    Puppy- Maverick [knelli]

    The Lawrence's
    Zeke & Esme decide to try for 1 last baby .. and got 1 a little boy.. their last baby of the lawrence household! e first name and a funky middle name.

    DS: Elijah True 'Eli' [hailey]
    DD: Emiliana Bay 'Mila' [peacheysmiles]
    DD: Elsa BrookeElle ” [peacheysmiles]
    DS/DD/DD: Evander Blue, Eden Dove & Erika Wren ''Evan, Edie & Erie <Said Air-ree''
    DS: Emerson Oskar 'Emery' [amburli]

    The Rex'
    Austin & Scarlett were so please with their last adoption that they decided to do it again.. a little girl from scotland,, name reflects scottish culture

    DS/DD: Evan Samuel/Lena Madison [peacheysmiles]
    DS: Arlo William [bb]
    DD/DD/DD/DD: Fawn Marie / Jada Leanne / Sage Clarisse / Zoey Bridget [katiedawn121]
    DS/DS: Noah Oringo & Luca Sabiti [amburli]
    DD: Isla Kenzie [shanade213]

    The Robinson's
    Lukas & Cleo have decided to adopt a little girl from japan. they would like a biblical name and a japanese middle name

    DD: Mia Elizabeth [emitheduckling]
    DS: Noah Alexander [jinglebelldaisy]
    DD/DS:Cora Margarent & Elijah Michael [starbucks137]
    DS: Micah Jacob [peacheysmiles & Shanade213]
    DD: Eve Keiko [emiltheduckling]

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