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    Names for Preemies or tiny babies

    if you knew you were having a preemie or tiny baby would you look for special names wih strong meanings?

    Im haing my baby girl in 2 weeks at 37 weeks due to IUGR (intra uterine growth placenta is not working anymore and baby girl is not growing.....estimated at 3lbs 9oz at 33 weeks and im hoping she gets up to 4 lbs by 37 weeks)

    If youwould give a special name what type of meanings would you look up other than the obvious....strength,fighter, health.

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    Ones off the top of my head without research:

    Louise / Louisa / Luella -- All mean "Renowned Warrior" and are beautiful choices. Not to mention the potential nickname Lulu means "Pearl" which brings to mind something so small but so precious too.

    I think names that mean Wisdom or Knowledge would also be fitting, as she will start out already having gone through quite a much, and that garners such things. Triumph would be another.

    Veda -- Knowledge

    Ursula / Sula -- Little She-Bear. Bears have long been revered and are symbols of strength, endurance and beauty. Sula is also the hindi word for Peace I believe. I also love the fn combo Sula May (May also means "pearl"). Finding a "power animal" name could work. Another is Delphine which is related to Dolphins and the flower.

    Strong women in history, literature, mythology, might provide something that's just perfect! Such as Athena.

    Briar -- I love this name, though it's one that leaves people on the fence. Sweetbrier is a wild rose. I love that it's beauty with thorns: speaks of strength to me. I also find it to be a spunky girl choice.

    All my best to you and your itty bitty lil' one!
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    There are plenty of name websites that allow you to search by meaning, ie. strength, resilience, precious gift, hope, or you could choose a strong female from myth, legend or history (a goddess, a female warrior). Whatever you choose I hope you love it and everything goes well!

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    Hope, Faith, Joy, or Love
    Rylie: Courageous
    Gabriella: God is my strength
    Theodora: Gift of God
    Anastasia: Resurrection
    Annalise: Grace
    Sophia: Wisdom
    Olivia: Olive tree (symbol of peace or victory)
    Ava: life
    Audrey: Noble strength (great meaning)
    Lucy: light
    Arabella: Yielding to prayer
    Felicity: Happy
    Celine: heavenly
    Matilda: battle-mighty
    Victoria: victory

    Good luck to you and your sweet baby. God bless.
    Wesley / Malachi / Ezra / Rowan / Sawyer / Henry

    Emmeline / Aurora / Hallie / Lucy / Rory

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    wonderful names so far. thank you

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