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    Esther- I don't like old-fashioned names, so I'm not a fan of this one
    Sophie- Very pretty, but very popular
    Charlotte- Love this! My favorite of your list
    Eleanor- See Esther
    Mia- So cute, but I like this as a nickname. Amelia/Emilia nn Mia would be beautiful
    Zoe- A cute name, but a little too cutesy. I don't think this one ages well.
    Not expecting, just having fun collecting names!

    My name is Erin. I am 24 years old and I have been a proud name nerd since I was 10.

    Ladies: Juliet Elaine, Madeleine Audrey, Emilia Noelle, Lydia Caris, Elodie Katherine, Carys Emily, Victoria Elise

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Love Charlotte, Eleanor, and Zoe! Any combination of those three would be fabulous, in fact, or even three sisters named Charlotte, Eleanor, and Zoe! Such pretty, quirky, classic names.
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    the little gentlemen:
    Everett Sailor JackAmias Colin JackAvery Ignatius Jack
    Daniel TorinRory MaximilianGrayson Percy "Gray"

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    I love Charlotte, Eleanor and Zoe!

    Caroline Phoebe Isobel Vivian Alice Pearl Katerina Amélie Rose Tess Nina Blair Margot Sasha

    Alaric Theodore Reid Henry Leo Holden Felix Graham Ezra Alexander Milo Maxwell Ronan Jasper

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    All the best,

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    I love Esther! I'd also keep Sophie, Eleanor and Zoe and lose Charlotte and Mia.

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