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    Rowan: taken over by girls??

    I love Rowan for a boy but I don't our boy to be the only male Rowan in a playground full of girls with the same name.

    What do you think, is it becoming a girls' name?

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    I know a male and female Rowan. I think it works fine on either gender and I greatly prefer it for a boy. I don't think it's popular enough to have been taken over by either gender. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I don't think it's being taken over, per se. But I prefer it on girls. Growing up I knew two very obnoxious male Rowans, and it made me dislike the name for boys.
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    Well, the most famous Rowan in the world is probably Rowan Atkinson, who is a man. I think it's a truly unissex name that works fine on both genders.
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    Rowan is a great name for a boy. Why should it bother a male Rowan to share his name with a girl any more than it would bother a female Rowan to share her name with a boy? I don't think it's wildly popular either way, is it? Either way the data shows that it's more popular for boys than girls in both the USA and the UK.
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