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    i would keep isobel, and take off elena

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    I love all five, personally. I don't see why you need to get rid of any Just keep all five until you're actually pregnant, you might change your mind then!
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    I would get rid of Mila, as well. I just don't see the appeal, sorry! It popped up thanks to Mila Kunis, and it seems really, really celebrity-inspired and loved because of her. I don't really like the trends (for the most part) celebrities cast on names, and it just makes it a really bad trendy for me. I think it's lovely to honor someone after a great role model, but most celebrities aren't, imo, and I don't find the look or sound of Mila to be that attractive. Plus, it seems quite nickname-ish to me. I adore Isabel, Rosalie, and Elena, though--I would definitely keep the three of those! Sophie is lovely, and I've loved her (or some Sofia variant) for years, but it seems a bit drab as a FN with all the popularity for me (although I've been crushing on a French double-barrel, Anne-Sophie, lately!). Sophie might make a nice middle? I think it'd be lovely to meet three sisters named Isabel, Elena, and Rosalie!

    Good luck!
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    I really like all of them! I think the one I would get rid of is Isabel.
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    I like them like this:

    Isabel -- I prefer Isobel

    So I'd get rid of Rosalie. -- My Amazon Author Page

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