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    Is Henry a cop-out?

    Hey gang,
    Long time, no see
    Update on our name journey for babe #3:
    Settled on Calvin for a couple of weeks, then said, ehhh, maybe not.
    Settled on Emmett for a couple of weeks, decided it sounded too much like Emma when said outloud (the name of my sister who passed away, we liked the idea of honoring her but don't like it being *that* close to her name after all).
    Wesley was the remaining name on our list of top 3, but several family members repeatedly said how "un-manly" it was and we submitted to the peer pressure. I've always loved Wes much more than the full name options Wesley or Weston anyway.

    Left with no names on our favorite list, I pulled back Henry - previously vetoed for being too popular. The town we live in (which isn't very large!) has 3 Henry's age 2 to 5 so I am concerned about that...but it's so handsome, classic and goes well with our sibset, right? My husband likes it a lot too, but wants to "keep looking" and said that using Henry was a "cop out" - I guess because it's such a common, classic name. So, what do you think?

    Refresher - siblings are Isla and Grant. Thanks!

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