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    I feel your pain totally! My One year old is Henry and while I've always loved the name I made a similar post because I was turned off by its popularity. We used it because it's a family name and when I saw him he beamed "my name is Henry". I say keep it in mind for when you see hi. But keep looking so you have a few options to take to the hospital. I like Harry. Have you considered Harris or Harrison? Also I love the NN Hank. You never hear Hank so I defiantly think it fixes the popularity problem.

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    What about the double barrel name of John Henry? I love that combo.
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    Could you use Huck as a nn for Henry?

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    I feel your pain! Henry is one of those names that I just keep coming back to but can't 100% jump on board with because the popularity of it concerns me. I'm ok with common names but Henry is one that is very common where we live. But...I still really connect with it. My husband likes it too but neither one of us has fully committed to any boy names (except he loves George Arthur and I just don't...).

    With your sibset, I really like Henry. I actually would stay away from another singly syllable boys name because I feel like the flow would be too abrupt against Grant (which I love, btw). I've never personally been a fan of the name Wesley but I have a negative association due to a particular individual.

    I agree with the others, keep it on the list. I think it's a good option. I have a feeling we will be doing the same!

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