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    Popular vs Uncommon

    Does anyone have kids with really common names? I like names such as Emma, Ava, Jack, and Charlie, but am worried about the names sounding boring and overused. On the other hand, having common names means it's easy to spell, and there will be souvenirs with the child's name on them. WDYT?

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    I would rather that my kid has unique and awesome name, than pick something popular, no matter how proven is it.
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    My son is Charlie and I don't know any other kids with his name. I work at an elementary school and there isn't a single Charlie. I love that his name is classic and I don't think it's boring, nor does it seem 'common' (I'm in CA). Every time someone asks his name and I tell them, I get a really positive response. But you know, Emma is top 10 and Charles is #62 and I think it will always be top 100, but I don't see it going to top 25.

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    Even the most common names aren't as common as they were in the past. In 1973, there were over 63000 Jennifers named in the US, compared to 30000 Sophias (and this figure INCLUDES alternate remember that the population has grown) in 2012.

    Also remember that the internet makes it easy to customize items for a child with an unusual name.

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    I don't care about popularity, if I like the name I'd use it. I do however, care about if people could correctly pronounce and spell my child's name. Most of the time, 'unique' and uncommon names cause trouble. I wouldn't want that for my child since I'm experiencing this nightmare from first hand.

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