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    Just fell in love... name too sci fi?

    I just heard the name Kestra, and I instantly fell head over heels for it. Ive been having a very hard time thinking of any girl named that I like at all, but is this name too sci-fi? If my baby is a girl I want her to have an uncommon but not unusual name.

    the only other girl names I kinda like are Ila, Beatrice, Nova, and Echo. hubby hates them all but Beatrice.

    any thoughts on Kestra?
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    I had no idea what Kestra was so I didn't really think of it as sci-fi. It is unusual to me, although straightforward to spell and pronounce. I'm not really a big fan of it because it sort of reminds me of Kendra and Kesha. But I wouldn't say too sci-fi. I googled it and saw the Star Trek reference but otherwise I would've never known.

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    I love Beatrice. Really beautiful and lots of cute shorter versions like Beattie, Bette, Betty, Bea etc.

    I like Kestra - sounds a bit like kestrel and I do really love birds.

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    I immediately thought of Kestrel as well. Kestra sounds very similar, and is very pretty in my opinion. Different without sounding made up, and you love it. It's a keeper!
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    I like Kestra, it sounds futuristic/celestial, but not too much so. I couldn't picture it with Beatrice as a sister, though. That's just me, though! If you love it, put it on your list

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