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    Ariadne is gorgeous, timeless, and quite idiot proof as far as pronunciation goes.

    Ariane or Arianne but remind me way to much of Arian (as in hitler) since most people will pronounce them (Air-e-an)

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    Ariane/Arianne is the only form I've ever heard on a person. One girl (Ariane) was French, but the other (Arianne) was Scottish. I've also heard of a couple of other Ariannes who are British.
    I've never met an Ariadne or heard of anyone called Ariadne but the name would be familiar to most people as the name of the mythological character (am I correct in thinking that in French she is called Ariane?).
    Anyway while Ariadne may be familiar Arianne is definitely more common as a name in the UK (although it is still uncommon.)
    I hope this helps/makes sense!

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    I've only met an Arianna. But Ariane/Arianne and Ariadne would both be familiar enough in the US.
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    Arianne and Arianna/Ariana are absolutely used in English speaking places. Ariadne is a completely different name and is a Greek mythological figure.

    Over here in the US, you'll usually get these sorts of pronunciations:

    Arianna -- ah-ree-ann-ah

    Ariana -- ah-ree-ah-nah

    Arianne -- ah-ree-ann

    Ariadne -- air-ee-add-nee (this is how you say it in Greek) -- My Amazon Author Page

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