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Thread: Sebastian

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    I LOVE the name Sebastian and have always assumed if I had a boy it would be his name. But my husband is not a fan, and neither is my mother. Both have pointed out that if I call him Bastian as a nn, which I would, kids will tease him and call him Bastard. We are starting to settle in on Sage as a shortened version of Sagan after Carl Sagan, but no one on the forums seems to like Sagan very much, which is making me second guess that choice. What are your thoughts/experiences with the name Sebastian? Thanks!

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    If kids want to make fun of someone, they will find a way no matter what the name is. I like Sebastian worlds better than Sage. Sebastian is so regal. But, I don't think you can keep it on your list if your husband doesn't like it too...

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    I really like Sebastian, it is on our list for a boy

    Have you thought about using Seb as a nickname? In saying that, I don't think of bastard at all when I hear Bastian, but that may be because of my Aussie accent. I think of Bastian from the Neverending Story
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    Hmm...I don't find Sage to be at all an intuitive derivation from Sagan. I also don't really care for Sagan; Sebastian is worlds better. I've heard Bash used as a nickname and really like it. Could that be a possibility?

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    I like Sebastian! I know you can't really use it if your husband doesn't like it but I definitely don't think of bastard for nn Bastian. Even when it's pointed out I still don't really see it. I do have to say though that I think of Sage as more of a feminine name. I like it a lot but the only Sage's I know are little girls. I don't know if that is a deterrent to you guys at all!

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