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    sawyer is the best one, congrats!

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    Toby is nice, and it keeps a Biblical theme. I prefer Tobias or Tobiah with the nickname Toby, but that's just me.

    Also, maybe I'm just tired, but the title of your thread confused me for several seconds. I was trying to figure out how someone could have three sons in one week.

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    I like Sawyer best and Toby and Remy are fine, too. I don't care for Darcy for a boy. I like Angus better than Huon.

    Are your sons Isaac and Asher? If you decide to go with a biblical theme, I love Elijah and Noah. Aaron, Nehemiah, Malachi, Solomon, Ezra, and Amos are all very nice, too. How about Abner, Abram, Rueben, or Amos?
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    I like Sawyer and Toby best but as a sib set I like (Tobias) Toby best! Good luck!

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    Thanks everyone!
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