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    Family: Name the Babies!

    Johnson Family:
    Callie & Chase are expecting a baby boy. They like trendy, short names for their children. Middles should be masculine president names. They already have two boys, Levi Jackson & Wesley Grant.
    DS: Levi Jackson
    DS: Wesley Grant

    Cassano Family:
    Maria & Antonio are expecting their first daughter. They want to honor their Italian roots with the little girl's first name. The Cassano's are very religious and want to also honor their Catholic faith with the middle name.

    Hartford Family:
    Jesse & Nicole are expecting triplet boys! They have a strong connection to the number 10, so the first & middle names should add up to ten letters. They are not too picky with names, as long as they are casual and common (between 300-200).

    Mcglasson Family:
    Eric & Kate are big soccer fans, so much so that they have named their four daughters after their favorite women players- Mia Louise, Abby Sloane, Alex Phoebe, & Carli Elle. The middle name for this baby girl must end in an -E and be heard of but not frequently used.
    DD: Mia Louise
    DD: Abby Sloane
    DD: Alex Phoebe
    DD: Carli Elle

    Warden Family:
    Taylor & Mason like their unisex names. For their first child, they also gave her a unisex first name but a very feminine middle to help with gender determination: Harper Charlotte. With twins on the way, boy/girl, they want unisex first names that are often used on one gender or the other. The middle should also dictate gender.
    DD: Harper Charlotte

    Shimada Family:
    John & Lucy are expecting their first child- a little girl. They want to give her a four letter name like theirs but one that is much more unique, but still heard of today. The middle should be long and classic.

    Ronaldson Family:
    Katherine & Alexander thought they had the name all together for their little girl- Mackenzie Abilene. Until a second ultrasound revealed it was actually a boy! For this little surprise, they need an equally as long & nice name. The middle should have a southern feel to it but still be very masculine.
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