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    I say imm-uh-jen
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    Imogene and Imogen are two different names.

    Imogen is said like IHM-ah-jun (or IHM-ah-jin or IHM-uh-jen etc, the last two vowel sounds are really small anyway so it doesn't matter much, I guess lots of it is in the accent too)
    Sort of like the word imagine, with the stress only on the first syllable.
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    I like both names, but yeah, Imogene and Imogen are different from each other.

    I say Imogen with a sort of short jen/jun/jin sound - slightly more to "jen" but very little - and Imogene with a definitely "jean" sound, like Genie.

    I find both names adorable but different flavours to each other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by faithnamer View Post
    I say Imm (as in Emma with an I) - uh - gin. I've also heard it pronounced like Imm-o-jean, but I'm pretty sure that would be spelled like Imogene.

    Imogen is not said as imma jean it's ONLY pronunciation is imm ah jen.

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    I pronounce it IMM-ah-jen. I know at least four and that's how they all pronounce it. I'm from Australia, if that helps.

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