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    canadianmom3plus2 Guest
    I think growing up in Finland means we got to travel much more. I now live in Canada and love it here. I have been to the following country for at least a 2 week visit or more. USA, Norway, Sweden, Russia,Poland, Ireland, England, France, Belgium, Germany,Spain, Czechoslovakia (now would be Czech),Austria, Iceland, Greenland and Japan. When my family is a bit older and would member I can't wait to do some more travelling.

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    I have definitely been bitten with the travel bug. My I have a "bucket list" of sorts on Pinterest. It has over 1,000 pins! I'll be happy if I can travel to a quarter of those places in my lifetime!

    I have been to most of the US states (my parents were really into road trips growing up) and I've also been to Mexico, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, and Israel.

    I've been saving up for my next adventure, although I'm not sure where I want to go next. I'd love to go to Thailand and hang out with some elephants.

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    I love to travel too! I've been bitten by the travel bug and the urge to hop on a plane never really subsides.

    I've done several study-abroad programs in France (Paris), Germany (Heidelberg), and Russia (St Petersburg), and did quite a lot of traveling while living abroad. Places I've visited include Belgium (I have family there), England, Finland, Estonia, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and South Africa. I've also seen some pretty awesome spots in Canada and the US, such as Gros Morne National Park (amazing!), Prince Edward Island, Banff, New York City, San Francisco, and Hawaii.

    Unfortunately, it seems the more places I visit, the more I want to see. My bucket list includes Argentina, Iceland, more of Italy, Spain, Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Israel, Morocco, India, Thailand, China, Australia, and New Zealand. I want to go back to England as I only went there as a child, and the husband's lifelong dream is to see a Liverpool FC game. I'll one day make it to Singapore and Malaysia, as that's where my in-laws live. Nice to see so many travelers on here!
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    renrose Guest
    Where have you been?

    America (13 states)
    The Netherlands
    San Marino
    Vatican City

    Where are you going next?

    Japan with my brother in September. I am beyond excited. I've already done a lot of practice cooking and we're going to start language learning soon

    Places on your bucket list?

    Peru (I love llamas. Nuff said.)
    Mexico (This one's wearing off a bit but I'd still like to see the pyramids.)
    Egypt (Ditto.)
    China (My obsession as a child and favourite food source.)
    Somewhere undetermined in Scandinavia (I hate the cold but, for some reason, the idea of snow and the northern lights in this part of the world makes that feeling attractive.)
    Somewhere undetermined in Africa that isn't Egypt.

    There'll be plenty of other places I haven't remembered too, plus many I'd love to return to.
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    I've travelled to...

    Niagara Falls

    Favourite City: San Francisco - walking the hills killed me but somehow I survived! I walked everywhere in the city (once I hiked from Fisherman's Wharf to the Golden Gate Bridge and then on to Ocean Beach by the Pacific Ocean. It took me a whole morning but it was worth it!)


    England - three times - once with my sister and twice solo. I love travelling solo (I know I'm weird ). I can set my own itinerary and go where I want to. I really do a lot of research before I go and pick favourite places to visit. Do I get lost? Oh god, yes but that's half the fun finding your way back to your hotel. I love art galleries and museums and walking in cathedral towns. I got a BritRail Pass and travelled all over England. I love travelling by train more than any other form of transportation. It's wonderful to see the countryside going by your window. If I saw something interesting I would just get off and explore. A couple of times I stayed in London and made day trips to Windsor, Salisbury, Canterbury, Bath, Stonehenge, Winchester, Chester, Brighton, Cambridge and Oxford. On another trip, I made Manchester my base and travelled all over Northern England to Liverpool, Durham, York and Hereford.

    Ireland - the land of my ancestors. I travelled here solo as well. I made Dublin my base and travelled all over the country by train. Again, I had a train pass and also went on a couple of bus tours to the Ring of Kerry and the Cliffs of Moher.

    Scotland - I would love to explore more of this country. While based in Manchester, I made a day trip to the beautiful city of Edinburgh.

    Places on My Bucket List:

    Scotland (I need to go back and see more)
    Northern Ireland
    Italy (I have a passion for Venice since I was little)
    Spain (especially Toledo and Granada)
    The Netherlands
    Belgium (especially Bruges)
    The three Imperial cities of Vienna, Budapest and Prague
    Poland (especially Krakow)
    St Petersburg (for the art and architecture)
    Scandinavia (especially Copenhagen, Stockholm and Bergen)
    New Zealand - my interest began after seeing the gorgeous scenery in the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit films.
    Australia - I'd like to come to your country Rollo!
    Bhutan - I've been fascinated with this Himalayan Buddhist kingdom since seeing a documentary when I was a child.

    Looking at my list of future destinations, I'll have to win the lottery or I'll be bankrupt by the time I'm finished.
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