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    Quote Originally Posted by oboeplayer1 View Post
    I love traveling.
    The only reason I'm even a little hesitant about going overseas is because of the language barriers. I only speak English and some Finnish, so I'd be really anxious about going to a country where I don't know their language.
    We are so lucky to speak English as our mother tongue because English really is the universal language particularly for the under 50 yr olds.

    Don't worry about not speaking the language of the country you go to because I am sure after all my travels that there will be someone close by who will speak English and be happy to help you if need be.

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    I have the deepest desire to move to San Francisco. It tears me up. I want to move to NYC as well, but that's mainly inspired by Girls/Friends/S&TC, I guess I'm more self-aware of how heavily I'm romanticizing NY than I am San Fran, haha. I'd love to live in Buenos Aires or Mexico City, too. And Toronto.

    I was born in the UK, lived in France for about a year (I was like, 18 months maybe?), then moved back to my tiny Northern English town. My family then moved to Uganda when I was 11-ish for about a year again - Uganda is still probably my favourite place on Earth... I've visited twice since moving back and both times I've cried on the flight home. Oh, and I stayed in Montpellier (fr.) for a couple of months with a friend when I was 14.

    And then at the start of this year I moved alone to live in Canada (NS) with relatives and I'm staying till July.

    Other countries I've been to... Spain, Portugal, Austria (Salzburg is maybe the most underrated European city), Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey, Greece, Belgium, Rwanda, Kenya. And then obviously like Scotland/Wales/NI/ROI.
    Other places I want to go? Like, everywhere. Pretty much. After school I'm planning on moving to San Fran, then to Paris for University.

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    I really would love to travel more than I've been able to. Besides a few states in the US, I've been to Tanzania, Africa. It was an amazing experience and I'd love to go back one day.

    I'd love to travel to many places, but at the top of my list are the Nordic countries and the castles in Europe.

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    I'm glad to see my precious Africa getting some love!

    Oliviasarah, I spend many summers in Uganda and visited regularly when I was living in Kenya. My brother is living there now with his wife and their baby girl. I was there visiting them a couple of weeks ago.

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    I live in Australia, but am currently in Dublin, Ireland on university exchange!

    I lived in Australia til I was three, then my family moved to Oxford, England for a few years. We travelled a lot but I don't remember much of it! I do remember snapshots however. We travelled to Holland, Belgium, France, Germany and Spain. We returned to Australia when I was five. I did my primary school years in Australia, except for the second semester of grade 7: when I was 11, we lived in Seattle, Washington for several months (we flew into LA, then drove all the way up the coast to Seattle so that we saw more of the country! I loved San Francisco and the Redwood forests in particular). I absolutely adored living in Seattle and have a huge soft spot for it now. We travelled to Canada a few times, then crossed the country and went to New York, Washington DC, Boston, Vermont etc. It was gorgeous! I love America! We then flew across to Europe and travelled to Germany and England; then went to Singapore on the way home to visit my cousins (they lived there for four years).
    In grade 11 (when I was fifteen), we went across to Europe in the summer and went to Greece (Athens and Santorini: oh my, Oia, Santorini, is PARADISE), Austria, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and England.

    Right now, as I said before, I'm in Ireland. When the semester finishes (in May) I'm going over to the continent and most likely travelling to Italy, France, Germany (we have family there), England (we have family there too!), the Czech Republic, Denmark and the Netherlands. I can't wait!

    Within Australia, I'm reasonably well-travelled. I live in Queensland (in the capital city) and I've road-tripped to Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Rockhampton and Darwin. The Northern Territory (and Kakadu) is absolutely incredible. I'd love to go back.

    I would absolutely love to visit Africa, and there are still plenty of places in Europe I'd love to go to. I'd like to explore America more, too.

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