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    Honest Opinions!!!

    I need convincing on these names:
    Theo (Just Theo, not Theodore)
    Emery/Emory (which spelling do you prefer on a boy?)

    I realize some of the above are unisex, so can you tell me which seems more BOY to you?

    What are your opinions? SUGGESTIONS? Middle names and favorites?
    Also, if you see my signature, i mostly like boys names that have nicknames and are classic or a twist on classics, just FYI for suggstions!

    Thanks, Jules
    No babies anytime soon... Just planning ahead (VERY far ahead)

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    I like Jasper, Emory, and Ronan. Though I also like the alternative to Emory, Amory, which I saw for the first time on nameberry.

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    Theo - I do not care for Theo. I love Theodore and the nicknames Ted, Teddy, and Bear.
    Emerson - I love Emerson. Emerson Gray is on my short list.
    Graham - I love Graham
    Jasper - I am neutral about Jasper
    Emery/Emory (which spelling do you prefer on a boy?) - I like Emery (this spelling) but prefer Emerson and Emrys.
    Campbell - neutral
    Ronan - I like Ronan, love Roan/Rowan.
    Casey - dislike
    Wyatt - like
    Alec - I love Alec.

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    Theo - I love Theo on its own!
    Emerson - I love Emerson.
    Graham - Graham is ok. I definitely like it better then some names.
    Jasper - Jasper is one of my favourite names.
    Emery/Emory - I prefer Emery on both boys and girls. I've never liked the Emory spelling.
    Campbell - I think of Campbell's tomato soup, unfortunately.
    Ronan - Ronan is alright, but I like other Irish names better.
    Casey -I've never liked Casey for either boys or girls but it isn't terrible.
    Wyatt - I like this one.
    Alec - I like Alec better then Alex. It's a lot less common but has just as cleaner sound.

    My favourites from your list are Jasper, Emerson and Alec. And I wouldn't worry about whether they're unisex names or not.
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    Theo (Just Theo, not Theodore) - love. Considering it for a potential son. I love Theodore too, but I think Theo is great on it's own.
    Emerson - very handsome.
    Graham - handsome.
    Jasper - nice name with a great meaning.
    Emery/Emory (which spelling do you prefer on a boy?) - Emery--nice, though I prefer Emrys and Emmett.
    Campbell - don't like this at all.
    Ronan - love. imagine having your own little seal.
    Casey - feels dated to me.
    Wyatt - cool rugged name.
    Alec - not really a fan.

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